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New Year Celebration At Home

10 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

Vipashyana Dubey | December 29, 2020

2020 has been like a roller coaster ride that we did not sign up for. Nevertheless, you made it to the year-end, and for that, you deserve to celebrate your resilience from the safety of your home. Get-togethers and reunions might be put on halt, but you can still keep the party cheer going! Here are the best ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home and welcome 2021 in good spirits.


1. Revisit and Collect Your Memories

collect your memories - BetterButter


A good life is a collection of happy memories and a good way to keep them close to your heart is by collecting them in a place that you can revisit and cherish for life. Gather all your pictures, polaroids, postcards, charms and letters in a place and organize them in a beautiful scrapbook. You can also put them in a jar or pin them on a board to decorate your home.

This way you can relive all the precious moments and recall how they made you feel and beat the occasional blues cheerfully!


2. Prepare Festive Cocktails

Festive Cocktails



It is not a good time to visit restaurants, clubs and bars. But, you can always bartend yourself for the night. New year’s eve would be incomplete without drinks and toasts. Put an extra cheer in this holiday season and round up essentials for some amazing cocktail recipes like martinis, tequila sunrise, mulled wine and many more with your favourite kinds of liquor.

You can prepare mocktails and freshly pressed juices if you prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Our favourites are sundown mocktail, strawberry mocktail, virgin mojito to name a few. These will be adored by kids and adults alike.


3. A Gaming Night

Games Night At Home


You can light up your stay at home party with board games or a virtual gaming session on your consoles with friends and family who couldn’t be around. A gaming night is one of the best ways to make memories topped with a major adrenaline rush for new year’s eve.

Classics like Tambola, Poker and Monopoly can be enjoyed with multiple people at home. So get your snacks, drinks and bring out your best game for this new year’s eve.

4. Organize a Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon



If you have been occupied with work and missed out on major releases of the year, this is the perfect time to catch up! Watch movies back to back or binge your favorite series with your loved ones. You can also do a Netflix party if you want to experience the perfect movies with friends who are afar. From cheery romantic comedies to nail-biting thrillers, you can choose and set the mood to bring to the celebration!


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5. Donate to a Good Cause

Donate For A Good Cause

Oprah said “To move forward, you have to give back” and this is the best time to give to the less fortunate, especially the ones who were struck gravely by the pandemic. Giving is not only about helping but it also engenders feelings of gratitude and fulfilment. 

You may donate towards various causes in the country like research foundations, organisations trying to eradicate hunger or even your local NGOs.


6. Do Loads of Baking

Baking At Home



Are you a cookery fanatic like us? Even if not, we have got you covered. You can slice through the bitterness of 2020 and end it on a sweet note. We have suggestions! Prepare some chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, banana cake. If you want some quick bites, why not make some delicious coconut cookies?

To add some salt to the sweet mix, go ahead with our recipe for focaccia bread, garlic bread and mushroom pie!


7. Prepare a Brunch



After a night of partying at home, we suggest you make some relaxing brunch to deal with the exhaustion or to simply treat your cravings. We suggest some dishes like pasta, strawberry pancakes or traditional bites like Chole Kulche and kathi rolls. The best way to treat yourself is a delicious savoury brunch that can help you kick start your day with energy.


8. Prepare a Festive Dinner

Festive Dinner Platter



A good dinner feast makes for memorable table conversations that happen due to happy hearts and fulfilled stomachs! We want to help you have all the yummies you can choose from to end the last day of the year.

Indian dishes like paneer lababdar, tandoori chicken and malai kofta are perfect for a festive occasion. Further, you can opt for sweet dishes and desserts like gulab jamun, ras malai and mal puas.

You can find top dishes from your favourite cuisines on our website and experiment with myriad options!


9. Decorate Your Home

Room Decor


With the right ambience comes the perfect vibe to spend a cheery occasion like new year’s. You can keep yourself busy as you beautify or add additions to your house. You can invest in house plants and new beddings, cushions and sofa covers.

Also adding some streamers, confetti and banners to the mix would make the evening more dazzling and colourful. With the addition of fairy lights and led lights you can give coloured themes to your party and dance the night away with your loved ones. Make sure to temporarily remove any breakables from delicate areas so you have no regrets even if the party gets wild as it should!


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10. Dress Up and Spend Time on Self-care

Dress Up At Home


Most of us have not had chances to flaunt our perfect outfits as your days have been spent mostly in baggy pyjamas and sweats at home. So make sure to shake things up a little and put on your party hats and dazzling clothes even if you are at home. Look good for yourself and dress up the way you like.

Don’t shy away from giving yourself a pedicure or a much needed facial. Spend time taking care of yourself this new year’s because even if we are stuck with ourselves, we should not forget to feel special and festive.


We hope you make the best out of a stay at home celebration this new year. As you keep the party going, make sure to check up on family and friends. Also, you can spend time reflecting on your year and planning important resolutions for yourself. Have a great new year!

Vipashyana Dubey


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