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Top Onion and Garlic Free Navratri Recipes You Must Try

Marketing Team | October 21, 2020

2020 might be going harsh but it has not defeated the festive spirits of our country. The Navratri season is finally upon us. This means a wave of traditions and positivity is ready to sweep our homes.

Navratri is celebrated in Indian homes as devotees revere Goddess Durga and observe healthy eating habits. Thousands of people fast and regulate their diets during the 9 days of celebration.

Apart from traditional norms, Ayurvedic science recognizes the importance of these fasts. Experts have said that observing fasts prepares our body from the diseases that occur during seasonal shifts.

As you celebrate  Navratri this year from your homes, Better Butter is here to add colors and sparks of tastes into your fasting rituals.

To make your Navratri a special homely experience, try these following delicious and healthy recipes that can be easily made in the comfort of your kitchen and can keep you charged up during the day!

Sabudana Khichdi

This recipe is popular for its carbohydrate and protein rich ingredients. It is a lip smacking addition to your fasting meals. If you are looking for a vegan and a gluten free recipe for Navratri, Sabudana Khichdi is your healthy solution.



Kuttu Paneer Wrap

Mouth watering flavours infused into paneer truly makes this recipe stand out. Kuttu paneer wrap is all about its nutritious filling. The buckwheat or Kuttu pancakes envelope the wholesome wrap and add to the flavors.

Kuttu Panner Wrap Betterbutter

Kuttu Puri

Navratri is incomplete without our special Kuttu Puris. These can be loaded with spiced boiled potatoes. The underline flavours of cumin seeds are the highlight of these puris. Kuttu Puris are famous for being great additions to curries.

Bb Kuttu Puri

Pistachio and Makhana Kheer

Need a quick dessert amidst the hustle and bustle of Navratri? There is nothing better than this recipe of Pistachio and Makhana Kheer. Also, it is low on fats and highly nutritious. With fox nuts (makhane) and pistachio, this recipe can transform into something spicy too!

You can serve this as either a cold or a hot snack.

Makhana Kheer | BetterButter

Sabudana Vadas

Vadas made of sabudana and boiled potatoes are very versatile snacks. This recipe for crunchy vadas is quick and easy. You can roast these with groundnuts to make this recipe even healthier. If you want to woo your tastebuds, these vadas are a must try!

Sabudana Vada | BetterButter

Now you can add these recipes as you plan meals along nine days of celebrations. To further entice your taste buds, we also have suggestions of a few appetising Navratri Beverages.

Watermelon and Mint Fresher

Refresh your mind and body with our recipe for Watermelon and Mint Fresher. This cooler can be enjoyed in the tropical climate of our country. This cooler tastes best when served immediately after prep.

Khajoor and Badam Milk

Dates and Almonds make this recipe a heavenly abode for fitness enthusiasts. You can add your favorite ingredients and personalize your experience. It is a quick and easy way to get nutrients as you fast this Navratri.

Khajoor Badam Milk | BetterButter

These recipes will definitely serve you well this season and replenish your body and mind amidst this hectic year.

Also, Don’t forget to browse BetterButter for more recipes to enjoy during Navratri! Better Butter shall always be at your fingertips, literally!



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