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  • Thotkora ki Sabji
    Cook time 5 mins

    Good for immune system and contains lot of iron

  • spinach bread samosa
    Cook time 15 mins

    quick and easy bread samosa is enriched with spinch pury ..here is the newl

  • Sooji aur hare pyaaz ke Vada
    Cook time 8 mins

    When you are craving for vada why wait for only medhu vada it can be made instant with sooji and quickly available in every household

  • Radish ke patho ki Sabji
    Cook time 10 mins

    Sardiyo ke season mein garam garam roti ke saath mooli ke patho ki sabji jo mann kush kar detha hain

  • Shahi Palak Anjeer
    Cook time 10 mins

    Yes its shahi palak Anjeer (figs ) ..having sweetness of anjeer the fig balanced by tangy juicy Cranberries to nullify the slight bitter taste of Spinach. Whenever we speak 'Shahi'we always correlate with cashews in the culinary language but here we have not added cashews at all .The Recipe has been inspired by great Chef shri Sanjeev kapoor ji.Here i have done my own innovation by adding Anjeers and cranberries.

  • Mutter ke pede..
    Cook time 8 mins

    Very delicious..n unique in taste..

  • notey chingri(spinach shrimp)
    Cook time 20 mins

    moms recipie made by me..

    Cook time 40 mins


  • mojedar spinach
    Cook time 10 mins

    It's a healthy and tasty dish for vegeterian.

  • Spinach cream soup
    Cook time 10 mins

    Healthy creame and full of vitamins.

  • Capsicum coriander chutney
    Cook time 5 mins

    This is a blend of capsicum,coriander,mint leaves with a typical south indian tempering.

  • Matar mushroom in healthy curry
    Cook time 30 mins

    I used to prepare matar mushroom frequently but never managed to draft its recipe. So this time thought to share this super delicious as well as healthy, yes you read right, it's healthy too. I never use cream in my curries to make it creamy but add almonds paste instead. Which makes my curry creamy as well as healthy at the same time.

    Cook time 20 mins

    I am here with another healthy addition to your diet. Its name tells everything about it. My kids are great fan of paneer so generally my dishes are full of paneer but to have paneer every second day with same taste sounds little weird. To spare us from this boredom of taste I usually give my twist and turns to these dishes to make them more interesting and presentable. This is so simple yet delicious side dish full of protein and iron. To give it further more healthy touch I avoided using cream and more oil. Even then it is so yummy to be a part of any party menu also.

  • Spinach and pomengranate nuggets with sezwan sauce
    Cook time 15 mins

    This recipe is packed with nutrients and has right texture and balance of flavour

  • Methi malai matar
    Cook time 30 mins

    Fresh peas and fengrueek leaves in rich creamy gravy is no doubt lipsmacking and yummilious ,its a very famous party dish...try at your home

  • Bhuna capsicum rice
    Cook time 25 mins

    This is spicy pulav which is flavoured with whole some masala and pavbhaji masala. The main ingredient is capsicum. We always use capsicum in our kid friendly recipe but often kids just leave this in the plate but I am sure when you make it kids will like it and we can add green vegetables into their diet. Lets try this.... :yum: :yum: :yum:

  • Bean's pickle
    Cook time 7 mins

    It's a instant pickle ...

  • Herbal cheesy puff with sezwan mayo
    Cook time 30 mins

    This recipe burst with flavours as it has lots of herbs .

  • Palak kadhi
    Cook time 25 mins

    Healthy and yummy

  • Aaloo govi palak /aaloo-govi in spinach gravy (potato cauliflower palak curry
    Cook time 25 mins

    One of the best recipie of my mom i always used to cook for my family specially for my daughter for giving her healthy and nutricious with rich and balanced taste ..

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