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  • Senai Kizhangu Pachadi | Elephant Yam Raita
    1 st Prize
    Cook time 10 mins

    This raita is my grandmother's signature dish. We just love to have it as a dipping with Paruppu Usli. Elephant Yam is very high in fiber and good for health.

  • Saaya | Sai
    2nd Prize
    Cook time 120 mins

    Saaya is a delicacy laced with love. The sweetness and deliciousness comes from slow cooking for a long time. It requires a lot of patience and labour. My grandmother used to plan out in advance, arrange for the ingredients and make Saaya with a lot of other eatables for her brothers on Bhitoli (Bhitoli is a Kumaoni festival observed in monsoons where sisters apply tikka to brothers and pray for their good health and happiness) made with so much love and efforts Saaya, is uniquely delicious. Saaya is made during festivities in Kumaon.

  • Banana Flower Chutney ( Udupi Heirloom recipe)
    3rd Prize
    Cook time 25 mins

    Banana blossom chutney is an heirloom recipe of my husband's native place , Udupi in Karnataka. I recently got banana blossom from an Indian store and I was discussing with my mother in law about the recipes she prepares from this flower . She told me that she prepares spicy chutney from it which is prepared with the banana blossom bracts, flavored with coriander, coconut, sesame seeds, tamarind and green chillies and tempered with mustard seeds, black gram lentils and fresh curry leaves. I decided to give a try to this healthy, nutritional and rich in fiber banana blossom chutney and it turned out absolutely delicious. You can serve this condiment with dosa or as a side dish with lunch and dinner.

  • Turmeric Leaf Kheer
    3rd Prize
    Cook time 60 mins

    Turmeric Leaf kheer is a family speciality that has been passed on from generations. The rich milk cooked rice is infused by the beautiful flavour and aroma of turmeric leaf.

  • Desi Ghee Smeared Bhagnari Jeera Black Pepper Koki
    Wild Card
    Cook time 10 mins

    Not a typical Sindhi Koki, it differs in method, taste and recipe. My grandmum's recipe that my Sindhi mum learnt after marriage. Bhagnaris are a community different from Sindhis and have their own variations in cuisine, though the base remains Sindhi with a bit of Punjabi thrown in.

  • Manda Pitha (Sweet Rice Dumplings)
    Wild Card
    Cook time 15 mins

    Manda Pitha which is also known as modak in Maharastra, is a sweet dish from Odisha. I never liked it while growing up, but over the time, learned to appreciate the texture and taste of it so much that, I made my mother-in-law taught me the recipe step by step when she was visiting me here in the USA, a few years back. Manda Pitha, is made out of rice flour and then steamed

  • Gulamba in Nani's Style
    Wild Card
    Cook time 25 mins

    When I was a kid, every year my Naniji used to send her special homemade Gulamba for me. And I use to eat only chapati and gulamba for both the meals. Basically, Gul is Jaggery and Amba is mango hence, Gulamba. This can be prepared with Jaggery but I specially like it with Sugar. My Naniji passed this recipe to her daughter when she got married and later mom passed it to me. I made it a few times of course under Nani's and Mom's guidance and the result is seen. Today, even just a bite takes me right back. So, here's my ultimate favorite seasonal preparation preserved from generation to generation, Gulamba.

  • Doli ki roti
    Wild Card
    Cook time 20 mins

    A whole wheat fermented bread /Roti, activated with an age old and traditional recipe of homemade yeast. The ingredients which make the yeast give the entire flavor to the bread and take the taste of the bread to just another level.

  • Valasdi Wada/Desai Wada
    Wild Card
    Cook time 20 mins

    Roasted Flour Wada (Sakela lot na wada) as we know are also called "Desai Wada" made by a Gujarati Desai Community requires a slow roasting of Rice and Dal each individually and ground into a coarse flour,it requires to be stored airtight container. Array of items can be made from roasted flour and my Paa’s favourite is WADA. I wasn't lucky enough to get a handwritten recipe of my Granny but Mom could get recipe from my Aunts which I further revalidated on Taste and Texture by making it from my Paa. Wadas made up of roasted flour is a mixture of slow roasted Rice and dals is a treasure of South Gujarat Kitchens is a heirloom recipe of my family and Yes I have handwritten this recipe for future generations to carry forward the Legacy.

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