• Erissery
      First Prize
      Cook time 45 mins

      I cannot have enough of this golden beauty – the butternut squash. The other day, I bought a big one from the grocery store. Half of the butternut squash went into making some pan roasted squash with baby spinach. The other half went into a traditional dish called Erissery that I have grown to love more and more, every time I make it.

    • Kerala style Baked Fish/Meen Pollichathu
      Second Prize
      Cook time 30 mins

      This is a recipe of a flavourful fish baked in banana leaf.

    • Kosha Mangsho - A Bengali Classic
      Wild Card
      Cook time 45 mins

      Kosha Mangsho is a celebration dish that you will find on most Bengali party menus and on practically every Bengali restaurant menu too. A medley of mutton and spices, and sometimes potatoes, this recipe is quite easy to put together.

    • Ande wali Dal
      Wild Card
      Cook time 30 mins

      Lentil cooked with Egg, a north-east cuisine.

    • Masor Tenga
      Wild Card
      Cook time 15 mins

      A light and sour Assamese Fish curry


    All Entries
    • Undhiyo/oondhiya
      Cook time 45 mins

      A regional Gujrati recipe I recently learnt from my Mom who is originally from Gujrat herself.

    • Kakdi Poha/ Cucumber Poha
      Cook time 20 mins

      Poha is a delicious and easy to digest. It's a healthy breakfast as well as evening snack or a light dinner option with full of nutrition and energy. There are many ways to prepare Poha. Here I am going to use my mom's recipe, which has cucumber and brown Poha. Cucumber has many nutritional benefits as well as low in calories.

    • Nutri Paneer Curry
      Cook time 20 mins

      When some guests visit for dinner, the first dish that comes to mind is Shahi paneer. Repeating the same dish becomes monotonous. To break the tedium, it can be twisted to form tasty, creamy and spicy nutri-paneer curry. It is a combination of taste and health. The richness of the curry makes it a perfect dish for birthdays, dinners, parties or even when you want to pamper yourself. It goes well with any of Indian flat bread like naan, rumali roti, lachha parantha out even with simple chapatis.

    • Carrot Methi Rice
      Cook time 15 mins

      This is a very healthy recipe, that can be prepared easily. Carrot Methi rice is a perfect lunch box recipe and is finger licking good when had with onion raitha.

    • Sindhi Seyal Bread
      Cook time 15 mins

      A perfect, easy to prepare breakfast dish that uses up any leftover bread from the previous day.

    • Chatti Pathil
      Cook time 90 mins

      I had eaten this dish a long time back, at a one dish party, a lady form Kerela had made it. Really believe me its worth the effort.

    • Ringana No Olo
      Cook time 20 mins

      Ringna No Olo is a classic dish made from roasted brinjals and when combined with green chillies, garlic and spices they release flavours that are absolutely delectable. This dish known as Baingan Bharta in some regions of India, is prepared in a similar way with subtle variations. Usually served with Bajri No Rotlo (Millet Roti).

    • Pathar ka gosht
      Cook time 20 mins

      Pathar ka gosht is one of the hyderabadi classic kebabs cooked on a heated granite slab. Pathar means stone in Urdu and gosht refers to meat, hence the name pathar ka gosht. Traditionally it is cooked on stone, but it can also be cooked on a grill pan.

    • Moong Dal Halwa
      Cook time 60 mins

      A classic recipe that is relished throughout Rajasthan during the winter months, as it is supposed to keep the body warm and protect it from the bitter winter cold.

    • Kaya curry with rice dumplings
      Cook time 5 mins

      Its a dish with south indian flavours and I have taken inspiration from my mother while preparing this dish.

    • Cupcake Veggie Handvo
      Cook time 30 mins

      Mixed dal handvo is a traditional gujarati savoury cake, which is a nutritious meal in its own with the added nutritients of vegetables.

    • Dal Dhokli
      Cook time 40 mins

      It is one of the most famous dish of gujarat,it is prefered in dinner it is one pot meal

    • Chingudi Sukhua Chura (Spiced Dried Prawns)
      Cook time 10 mins

      Dried prawns and frugal selection of ingredients thrown together into a fantastic concoction!

    • Hyderabadi Marag
      Cook time 30 mins

      Marag is a hyderabadi flavour of full thin mutton stew, usually served as a starter with sheermal or rumali roti at weddings.

    • Tamata Chaaru
      Cook time 10 mins

      Chaaru is generally made with ripe tamarind. Tamata chaaru is a little different, its main ingredient is tomato. Desi tomatoes are boiled and its juice is extracted. Juice extracted after mashing the tomatoes and juice extracted after blending makes a lot of difference. The later one gives a more smooth and creamy consistency, resembling a soup. The other method gives a little thinner consistency.

    • Caramel Pudding
      Cook time 45 mins

      My mother is a great cook. She would conjure up so many beautiful things from her kitchen ever since I was a child. Many people come home just for her cooking. This is one of her recipes. Try this lip smacking dessert and you will know the magic it holds.

    • Chettinad Mutton Biryani
      Cook time 45 mins

      Everyone loves biryani in any form, be it with veggies or eggs or seafood or meat. We enjoy a hearty meal of biryani with raita and chalna or kurma.

    • Carrot Halwa
      Cook time 25 mins

      My mom's colleague Mrs. Shoba D'Souza had given her this recipe and though Mom never tried it, I have always made carrot halwa using her recipe as a guide but reducing the khoya and sugar.

    • Curd Rice
      Cook time 20 mins

      Curd Rice / Thayir Sadam / South Indian Yogurt Rice Recipe is a simple yet delicious yogurt flavoured rice dish from South India. Called Thayir Sadam in the state of Tamil Nadu and is offered as Prasadam (Blessed Food) to devotees in Vaishnavite Temples. Often taken with some pickle or chutney and the reason for having it at the end of any meal is because it has a soothing effect and helps in digestion. It is believed to balance the effect of other spicy dishes in the meal. It serves as a healthy lunch box food and it is a refreshing summer meal.

    • Hyderabadi Murgh Dum Biryani
      Cook time 50 mins

      My today’s post, a much awaited ‘Hyderabadi Murgh Dum Biryani’, is Kachchi style Biryani. When the word Biryani comes in mind, its a general tendency to think that this dish calls for an elaborate making process. Hold on! honestly speaking, I find this one to be the easiest Biryani I have ever made. But, it does require alertness and timing along with gentle handling of rice, exact amount of spices and seasonings to get that Authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.

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