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द्वाराNitu Sharma
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  • 4 रिव्यूज़
    रेट करें
  • Nitu Sharma
    निर्मित तिथि 30th Dec 2016
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बनाने की सामग्री ( Bread Chamcham Banane Ki Samagri Hindi Me )

  • Bread slices -5
  • Desiccated coconut 1 cup
  • sugar 1 cup
  • water 1 cup
  • Cream or milk topping 5 tablespoon
  • 1 pinch yellow colour or 1/2 tsp saffron
  • cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
  • Almonds sliced into half - 10 pieces

बनाने की विधि ( Bread Chamcham Banane Ki Vidhi Hindi Me )

  1. Cut bread into rounds with the help of a cookie cutter or a cap of the bottle. You should get 4 rounds from one slice
  2. Take cream in a bowl
  3. Spread cream on bread rounds
  4. Place another round on top of the round bread piece on which you have spread cream.
  5. Repeat till all the round pieces get over
  6. Take water and sugar in a wok
  7. Dissolve sugar completely. Add colour or saffron
  8. Take desiccated coconut in a plate
  9. Soak bread rounds in sugar syrup
  10. Remove bread pieces from syrup. Roll in desiccated coconut
  11. Place almonds slices on cham cham
  12. Serve
मेरी टिप: Do not soak the bread too long in the syrup. Remove immediately

Reviews for Bread Chamcham in hindi (4)

Sandhya Ahluwalia8 months ago
So simple n innovative

Bratati Chakraborty8 months ago

Kanwaljeet Chhabra8 months ago
Super delicious

Anupama Kumari8 months ago
love it!

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