beetroot smoothie | How to make beetroot smoothieby sangeeta khannaCreated on 21st Aug 2015

  • beetroot smoothie, How to make beetroot smoothie
beetroot smoothieby sangeeta khanna
  • beetroot smoothie | How to make beetroot smoothie (272 likes)

  • By sangeeta khanna
    Created on 21st Aug 2015

About beetroot smoothie

a smoothie for improving immunity

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time5mins
  • Serves2People
beetroot smoothie


  • one large beetroot boiled peeled and cubed
  • 100 gm black grapes
  • one large amla chopped
  • 1 inch piece fresh ginger root grated
  • 2 pinches kala namak (black rock salt)


  1. Blend everything together to make a delicious smoothie.
My Tip: Add 2 tbsp yogurt to make a probiotic smoothie.
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    Very healthy very easy

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    sangeeta ji can we any other fruit juice

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    Tried this recipe for a girly party...was an instant hit...

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    looks healthy and yummy, can it replace my breakfast?