Baked Sweet Potato Chips | How to make Baked Sweet Potato Chips

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ByPriti Shetty Naiga
Created on 20th Jun 2016
  • Baked Sweet Potato Chips, How to make Baked Sweet Potato Chips
Baked Sweet Potato Chipsby Priti Shetty Naiga
  • Baked Sweet Potato Chips | How to make Baked Sweet Potato Chips (64 likes)

  • 3 reviews
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  • By Priti Shetty Naiga
    Created on 20th Jun 2016

About Baked Sweet Potato Chips

These ‘Garlic, Rosemary and Paprika' - Sweet Potato Chips are baked, and are one of the healthy snacks to have especially when you are craving for some chips.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips is a delicious and yummilicious dish which is one of the popular dish of world. Baked Sweet Potato Chips is an easy yet mouthwatering recipe for you to enjoy. It is a great alternative when you want something really perfect to eat. Restaurant style Baked Sweet Potato Chips is liked by everyone and is easily available at almost every restaurant. You can also call it as a quick and easy recipe which you can make at your home. The preparation time of this recipe is 15.0 and it takes 50.0 to cook it properly. It is an amazing dish which is liked by the people of every region. By the help of this recipe you can definitely know how to make a perfect Baked Sweet Potato Chips. It is an amazing dish which is perfectly appropriate for any occasion. Baked Sweet Potato Chips is delicious as well as healthy dish because it contains large amount of health benefiting nutrients. It is a perfect dish to prepare for the beginners. Cooking Baked Sweet Potato Chips is an art and while preparing this dish you can feel the aroma of this delicious Baked Sweet Potato Chips. Surprise your family and friends by preparing this hotel style Baked Sweet Potato Chips at your home.

  • Prep Time15mins
  • Cook Time50mins
  • Serves3People
Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Ingredients to make Baked Sweet Potato Chips

  • 1 medium Sweet Potato , thinly sliced
  • 4 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp Rosemary powder
  • Salt to taste

How to make Baked Sweet Potato Chips

  1. Heat the oven to 200º C. Set a wire rack on a large baking tray.
  2. Clean the sweet potato well and you do not have to remove the skin as it adds to the crunch.
  3. Thinly and evenly slice the sweet potato on a mandolin or a sharp knife.
  4. Brush each side of the potato slice with olive oil and place on the baking tray. Sprinkle generously with the garlic powder, salt, paprika and rosemary or the seasoning of your choice.
  5. Place the slices on the wire rack in a single layer. Bake for about 45-60 minutes, flipping the chips halfway through baking, until golden and crisp.
  6. Cool for 10-15 minutes before serving. Serve them as it is or with any dip of your choice.
  7. Store them in an air tight container.
  8. Notes:
  9. 1. Slice the sweet potatoes very thinly and evenly, as you don’t want some of them to get little overcooked while rest still need to be baked. Thick slices will not yield crispy chips.
  10. 2. A mandolin is a lifesaver when slicing up super thin veggies, but if you don’t have it then use a sharp knife and slice them evenly thin.
  11. 3. Many recipes ask to soak these sliced sweet potatoes in warm cornflour water to get crispy chips, but I haven’t tried that yet.
  12. 4. You need to bake these chips at lower temperature i.e. 200º C for 45-60 mins and flipping side once in between to make sure they crisp up on both sides.
  13. 5. Some chips that are too thick at few spots might not crisp up so well. Don’t worry it still tastes good. And its all a matter of practice in slicing them right.
  14. 6. Baking time might vary with different ovens. So all you have to do is bake at lower temperature until the chips are crisp and golden.

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Ritu Sehgala month ago
Are these baked in convection oven?

Andrea Srivastavaa year ago
Baked chips are the best! I bet this tastes awesomee

Akarshita prasada year ago
Nice and healthy snack options, i like the seasonings used by you.