Meddu Vadas | How to make Meddu Vadas

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By sujaya anand
Created on 2nd Sep 2015
  • Meddu Vadas, How to make Meddu Vadas
Meddu Vadasby sujaya anand
  • Meddu Vadas | How to make Meddu Vadas (22 likes)

  • 3 reviews
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  • By sujaya anand
    Created on 2nd Sep 2015

About Meddu Vadas

While this is a typical south Indian breakfast item. this method of preparing medu vada results in a light, cripsy vadas with soft and fluffy insides, a technique learnt from my mother in law

The delicious and mouthwatering Meddu Vadas is enjoyed by all. This dish is often prepared for special occasions including parties or festivals. Meddu Vadas is a good option when you want to cook something different . It is an amazing dish which is liked by people of all age groups. The flavourful ingredients are the key to the amazing taste of Meddu Vadas. sujaya anand shared Meddu Vadas recipe which can serve 6 people. The step by step process with pictures will help you learn how to make the delicious Meddu Vadas. Try this delicious Meddu Vadas recipe at home and surprise your family and friends. You can connect with the sujaya anand of Meddu Vadas by commenting on the page. In case you have any questions around the ingredients or cooking process. The Meddu Vadas can also be given a rating. The "What's cooking" feature can be used to share your experience when you make Meddu Vadas with other users

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time3Hours
  • Serves6People

    Video for key ingredients

    • Sambhar Powder

    Meddu Vadas

    Ingredients to make Meddu Vadas

    • Urad dal - 2 cups
    • Raw Rice - 1 table spoon
    • Onion 1 Big Chopped
    • Green chilies -5 nos
    • Ginger - grated 2 tsps
    • Coriander - chopped 2 table spoons
    • Curry leaves -chopped 2 table spoons
    • Salt to Taste
    • Cold water 1/4 cup - use while grinding
    • Oil for deep frying

    How to make Meddu Vadas

    1. Soak 2 cups of whole urad dal along with 1 table spoon raw rice for about two hours, Drain the water and grind with a wet grinder or a blender, add 2 tsps of grated ginger, 15-20 pepper corns, 5 chilies while grinding
    2. Pour small amounts of water to ensure the batter does not dry up, The batter should have thick consistency, let the batter rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes
    3. Remove from fridge, Add salt as required, 1 whole chopped onions, 2 table spoons of chopped coriander and curry leaves, beat the batter until nice and airy
    4. Heat the oil in a deep wok, once hot reduce the flame to medium (do not allow the oil to smoke)
    5. Wet the hand, take about a golf ball size of batter. Spread the batter over the fingers and with the thumb, make a hole in the center. Gently slide in the hot oil, fry till they turn golden brown, place on a kitchen paper towel
    6. Serve hot with Coconut chutney and Hot Sambar, Happy Cooking

    Reviews for Meddu Vadas (3)

    Alisha dograa year ago
    Can we make small pakodas with the same batter? They look so crispy.

    Seema Jindal2 years ago

    Ashwita kumar2 years ago
    I love vadas! these looks delicious :D Can we prepare this without onions?