Easy Jalebi | How to make Easy Jalebi

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ByPooja Nadkarni
Created on 7th Nov 2015
  • Easy Jalebi, How to make Easy Jalebi
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  • 2 reviews
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  • By Pooja Nadkarni
    Created on 7th Nov 2015

About Easy Jalebi

Jalebi is a sweet prepared in India for festive seasons. It is made by deep frying all purpose flour soaked in water in circular shapes and then soaked in sugar syrup.. They are popular in South Asia during Ramadan and Diwali. They can be served warm or cold.Though they say that the jalebi recipe is tedious, I am going to show you simple and easy way to prepare it.

Easy Jalebi, a succulent delicacy which is famous all over the world. Easy Jalebi is one dish which makes its accompaniments tastier. With the overflow of flavours, Easy Jalebi has always been everyone's favourite. This recipe by Pooja Nadkarni is the perfect one to try at home for your family. It's a get together at home and you realise that you want to make a Easy Jalebi, just the perfect situation when you realise that you need to know how to make the perfect Easy Jalebi. So, at that time you can try out this delicious recipe by Pooja Nadkarni. The recipe of Easy Jalebiis very simple and can be made in restaurant style using a few ingredients. The time taken while preparing Easy Jalebi is 15 minute. This recipe of Easy Jalebi is perfect to serve 20. Easy Jalebi is just the appropriate option to prepare when you have a get together or night party at home. And do remember that be it kids or grownups, everyone just absolutely love it. So do try it next time!

  • Prep Time0mins
  • Cook Time15mins
  • Serves20People
Easy Jalebi

Ingredients to make Easy Jalebi

  • All Purpose Flour/Maida 1 Cup (140 Grams)
  • water 1 Cup
  • 3/4 White granulated sugar + 3/4 cup water
  • orange food color 2-3 drops
  • saffron 5-6 Strands
  • oil for deep frying 1 Cup

How to make Easy Jalebi

  1. Take all purpose flour and add water into it. Mix it and beat with electric beater for 5 minutes to make it smooth. Cover with a plate and keep in warm place for fermentation for 24 hours.
  2. Remove the cover, Beat again for 2 minutes, add food color and beat for 2 minutes again. In a heavy bottom vessel, take sugar+water. Keep on high heat and stir continuously till the sugar dissolves.
  3. Lower it on medium high heat and cook till the sugar reaches one string consistency. Add some saffron strands . Switch off the stove. Let it cool down but not fully . Keep until it gets lukewarm.
  4. In the meantime, heat oil in a non stick pan on medium high heat. Pour some of the batter in the squeeze bottle. Hold it over hot oil and start squeezing the batter in the spiral shapes.
  5. cook for few seconds and then gently turn them. Ensure that they get crispy golden on both the sides and then remove it on paper towel.
  6. Soak jalebis in the sugar syrup for just few seconds and then remove on the plate. Enjoy this dessert hot or cold.
My Tip: Make sure that the oil is not very hot. It should be just bubbling slightly while frying jalebis.

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Drishti Punjabia year ago

Medha Nadgoudaa year ago
have we not to add soda or any other rising agent to the batter.