Baked Wheat Katori Chat | How to make Baked Wheat Katori Chat

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BySheetal Birla
Created on 11th Dec 2015
  • Baked Wheat Katori Chat, How to make Baked Wheat Katori Chat
Baked Wheat Katori Chatby Sheetal Birla
  • Baked Wheat Katori Chat | How to make Baked Wheat Katori Chat (5 likes)

  • 2 reviews
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  • By Sheetal Birla
    Created on 11th Dec 2015

About Baked Wheat Katori Chat

Cups for chat made with wheat flour and baked in the oven.

Baked Wheat Katori Chat is a mouthwatering dish which is perfect to serve at any occasion. It is a recipe of Indian cuisine which is very famous in the whole worldwide. This is very amazing in taste and it contains a lot of health benefiting nutrients. It is a quick and easy recipe and you can easily prepare restaurant style Baked Wheat Katori Chat at your home. Baked Wheat Katori Chat by Sheetal Birla will help you to prepare the perfect Baked Wheat Katori Chat at your home. You don't need any extra effort or time to prepare this. It just needs 30 minute for the preparation and 13 minute for cooking. Whether it is a grand party or a normal kitty party, it is a perfect dish to serve and to get the compliments from your guests. This recipe follows the perfect art of cooking that gives an amazing texture to this and differentiate it from other dishes. In the Better Butter recipes, you will find the step by step process of this recipe by which you can know how to make the delicious Baked Wheat Katori Chat.

  • Prep Time30mins
  • Cook Time13mins
  • Serves5People

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Baked Wheat Katori Chat

Ingredients to make Baked Wheat Katori Chat

  • Aata 1 cup
  • salt 1/4 tsp
  • sugar 1/4 tsp
  • red chilli flakes 1/4 tsp
  • ajwine 1/4 tspn
  • jeera 1/4 tspoon
  • baking powder 1/4 tspoon
  • baking soda a little pinch
  • oil 1 1/2tbspn + 1tbspn extra
  • kasoori methi 1/4 tsp ( You can try any other flavor like oregano basil mix pizza herb )
  • lukewarm water to make the dough

How to make Baked Wheat Katori Chat

  1. In one bowl mix all the ingredients except water. Rub it nicely and then start adding lukewarm water little by little to make semi tight dough.
  2. Leave the dough aside for 10-15 mins. After resting time smooth the dough by kneading well.
  3. Divide the dough into 8-10 balls ( according to your muffin pan`s size... ) and roll out the small puris.
  4. Prick all the puris well from both the sides with fork or knife.
  5. With your finger tip Apply one drop of oil on one side of puri and stick it to back side of muffin pan. You have to make little overlapp purisa little bit on distance while covering muffin pan to give a proper katori shape.
  6. Put this muffin pan ( puri side up) in preheated oven at 350 degree for 8-10 mins.
  7. Remove the pan. Loose the cups, they will come out easily, because of the oil we applied before sticking to pan.
  8. Now put all the cups on the foil in the middle rack of the oven for 2-3 more mins to get desired color or bake, whatever side its needed.
  9. Take out all the cups and cool them completely. Store in airtight container for up to 2-3 months. Use when required with any type of chat filling combinations.
  10. I used lobia for filling ( black eyed peas - boiled and little sauted in olive oil with jeera, salt and pepper) with Dahi, imli chutney, onion, tomato, coriander, jeera powder and chat masala.
  11. You can try any type of filling with/or sprouted moong, moth, kala chana, chhola ....
  12. Barik sev (nylon sev) is also a good option to enhance the look and taste but not the healthy one ....

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aliza singha year ago
A yummy and healthy recipe! Nice

Sukhmani Bedi2 years ago
Hi Sheetal there is some error in the site will let u know once it is resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience