Cheese Potato Bites | How to make Cheese Potato Bitesby Deviyani SrivastavaCreated on 15th Feb 2016

  • Cheese Potato Bites, How to make Cheese Potato Bites
Cheese Potato Bitesby Deviyani Srivastava
  • Cheese Potato Bites | How to make Cheese Potato Bites (441 likes)

  • By Deviyani Srivastava
    Created on 15th Feb 2016

About Cheese Potato Bites

Yummy cheese bites for Tea time hunger.

  • Prep Time30mins
  • Cook Time10mins
  • Serves4People
Cheese Potato Bites


  • 1 cup grated cheese cubes (I used Amul)
  • 4 large potatoes, boiled and mashed
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup Bread crumbs
  • Oil for frying
  • salt as per taste
  • Black pepper powder as per taste


  1. In large bowl, mix mashed potatoes, cheese and 1 of the eggs with a spoon until blended.
  2. Sprinkle salt and pepper powder. Shape this mixture into bite sized balls.
  3. In one bowl place the bread crumbs, in another bowl, beat the remaining 2 eggs lightly.
  4. Coat the potato balls/bites with bread crumbs, then dip into eggs and coat again with bread crumbs. Keep aside.
  5. Heat sufficient oil in a large pan. Keep the flame on medium.
  6. Fry these potato bites in hot oil until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.
My Tip: Coating 2 times with bread crumbs ensures crunchy texture.
  • Deviyani Srivastava17 days ago

    For veg, use cornflour instead of eggs.

  • Kanchan Huria17 days ago

    Yummy but it should be veg

  • Sudhagopi Cgopia month ago


  • Deviyani Srivastavaa month ago

    Bread crumbs. Toast the breads till nice and toasty. Blitz in a blender and voila you have crumbs... aka bread crumbs.

  • Abhigyan Srivastava month ago

    What is the meaning of crumbs

  • Deviyani Srivastava4 months ago

    Thanks @Nafeeza Ahmed, it would be really great if you can share a picture if possible under appreciation, would love to see how they turned out. Thanks :)

  • Nafeeza Ahmed4 months ago

    I prepared fhe cheese ball..its yummi..thanks for sharing

  • Nafeeza Ahmed4 months ago

    I prepared fhe cheese ball..its yummi..thanks for sharing

  • Sunita Ramankulath4 months ago

    Dear friends, I always make these and use a mixture of corn flour and bread crumbs for binding. 2 tbsps of corn flour and about 4 tbsps bread crumbs for 1/2 kg potato. Use dry bread crumbs as it will ensure that de potato bites do not get soggy. I use a combination of 1:1 ratio of bread crumbs and coarsely ground cornflakes powder to coat de potato bites. This is a vegetarian version. No eggs used. U can make a batch of these and freeze it for later use. It stays in de freezer for about 20 - 25 days.

  • Prativa Baruah4 months ago


  • Vipra Chitnis-Gokhale4 months ago

    Is it possible to avoid egg

  • Sunita Ramankulath5 months ago

    U can substitute de bread with cornflakes. Powder them coarsely in a mixie and use it to coat the cheese balls. Gives a very crunchy and crisp texture.

  • Deviyani Srivastava7 months ago

    @Gurpreet Kaur : You can try by adding cornflour as it helps in binding.

  • Deviyani Srivastava7 months ago

    Thanks everyone. Please share an image in appreciation if you make this recipe.

  • Drishti Punjabi7 months ago

    yummy. ...... dish for Lil champ. share :)

  • Mahek Bhambani7 months ago

    I have used sabudane ka atta as substitute to bind

  • Gurpreet Kaur7 months ago

    is there any substitute for egg ?

  • Deviyani Srivastava7 months ago

    @Vaishali: You can try by making a cornflour slurry or by simply adding cornflour for binding. I have not tried without eggs so have no idea if this will work or not.

  • Purnima Kothari7 months ago

    what is d substitute of egg in this recipe

  • Vaishali Agrawal7 months ago

    plz tell me egg r nesscary give other options egg

  • Deviyani Srivastava7 months ago

    For binding cornflour is best. For alternative to breadcrumbs you can try semolina/suji or vermicelli. But I have no idea if it will work or not. If you try then please do let me know..

  • Shivani Chawla7 months ago

    can u please suggest some alternative to using something instead of bread crumbs. for and binding and making them crispy as well..

  • Deviyani Srivastava7 months ago

    Dipti you can try with cornflour slurry. Mix water and corn flour but honestly I have never tried without egg.

  • Dipti Saparia7 months ago

    what's alternate for egg?

  • Deviyani Srivastava7 months ago

    Thanks Poonam.

  • Poonam Peswani7 months ago

    very nice

  • Deviyani Srivastava10 months ago

    Thanks Smita!

  • Smita Bhargava10 months ago

    nice recipe

  • Deviyani Srivastavaa year ago

    Hi Neena, Sunita is right in place of eggs you can use cornflour. Hope it works!

  • Varalakshmi Srinivasana year ago


  • Menaka Devia year ago


  • Sunita Ramankulatha year ago

    add a little corn flour to de mixture instead of eggs. You can make cornflour slurry, dip in potato bites, coat with bread crumbs and fry

  • Neena Desaia year ago

    What to add if we skip eggs?

  • Deviyani Srivastavaa year ago

    Thank you Malarkodi 😊

  • Malarkodi Ramesha year ago

    Very tasty

  • Deviyani Srivastavaa year ago


  • Anita jijua year ago

    very tasty!!!thank you deviyani

  • Deviyani Srivastavaa year ago

    Thank you! ☺️

  • meera Gibsona year ago

    Oh lovely

  • Deviyani Srivastavaa year ago

    Please do try it! Let me know how it turns out! :)

  • Meena kapura year ago

    will try it today

  • Prathap Ruthraa year ago

    Lemme give it a try this evening :-p

  • Anupama Dhivara year ago

    very tasty

  • Deviyani Srivastavaa year ago

    Thank you very much!

  • Lata Lalaa year ago

    i wanna grab one. so so delcious it looks. what a click.

  • Arpita Bajaja year ago

    shall definately try.

  • Deviyani Srivastavaa year ago

    Please make and let me know how it turns out for you. :)

  • Uma Rania year ago

    I want to make