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5 Easy Cabbage Recipes to Stay in Shape

Team BetterButter | December 9, 2016

By Ayushi Prakash

Losing weight and staying in shape is something that’s on nearly everyone’s list. Yet, no one really truly enjoys the process. But if you find the right thing, chances are you’ll stick to that diet. Cabbage is a great vegetable that’ll help you shed those kilos with ease give tons of nutrition as well.

This desi superfood is super low in calories as half a cup of cabbage is only 20 calories! Which is why we’re recommending dishes that can help you lose weight and still keep you full. Here are 5 yummy and healthy cabbage recipes that you can prepare and enjoy:

Cabbage Stir Fry/ Cabbage PoriyalFlavoured with mustard and curry leaves, this cabbage stir fry recipe is for keeps. Perfect accompaniment to a paper dosa. Who says healthy breakfast cannot be yummy?


Cabbage Soup:  The Italian flavours in this soup make it a sure hit. This low-cal soup will help you achieve your weight loss goals and keep you satiated for longer.

cabbage soup

Purple Cabbage SaladA healthy salad prepared with fresh purple cabbage and beans. The pomegranate and pumpkin seeds add a lovely crunch to it, have it on the go or as a mid meal snack.

purple cabbage

Steamed Cabbage RollsHealthy and full of flavour, this steamed dish is just too yummy. The added goodness of paneer and veggies makes it the perfect lunch or dinner option when you are trying to lose weight.

steamed cabbage

Cabbage and Green Peas CurryA rich tasting, mildly spiced mixture of cabbage and peas. Have this with a multi grain chapatti or some brown rice and you are set!

cabbage and peas

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This article is brought you in association with the Murugappa Group for the Superfoods Campaign.

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