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foods for COVID-19 Patients

Foods For COVID-19 Patients: 8 Things That’ll Help Your Recover Faster

Saumya Srivastava | May 6, 2021

Ever since the pandemic entered our lives, everything seems altered. But, now with the outbreak of the second wave of Coronavirus, the number of infected patients is increasing continuously. The cases have risen so much that it is only a healthy immune system that can safeguard you from the deadly effects of the virus. And to maintain a healthy immune system, it is the diet that has a vital role to play. Like every other disease, the right diet can help a lot in setting things right. Similarly, to boost your immune system, the following foods for COVID-19 Patients become a must. Follow this diet and make your body efficient in fighting against the deadly virus.


What To Eat In Weakness?

To combat the harmful effects of the virus, we recommend you follow this diet. Eating these immunity-boosting foods for COVID-19 patients can surely help a lot.


8 Immunity-Boosting Foods For COVID-19 Patients

1. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric has since ages been used as a remedy for all health ailments. This golden spice is often the most important ingredient that you should include in your diet. The presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric makes turmeric a must for you. To boost your immunity even further, you must drink turmeric milk. Curcumin, a compound present in turmeric, helps a lot in treating infections and is a must to be a part of the diet chart for corona patients.


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2. Eggs

Other immunity-boosting foods for COVID-19 patients are eggs. Eggs which contain a good amount of proteins are extremely important for COVID-19 patients. So, eat eggs during fever and it is advisable that you eat the albumin of eggs. Eggs will boost your immunity in the best way possible and keep you energetic.

3. Natural Super Foods

Natural foods like tulsi, Giloy, etc have shown promising results since time immemorial. These foods are so powerful that they boost immunity in all possible ways. In addition to these, amla juice which is rich in vitamin C must be there in the list of food for patients with covid. Besides, garlic and ginger can also help you a lot in fighting against coronavirus.


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4. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are one such fruit that is strongly recommended not only for the COVID-19 patients but also for all. Fruits like lemon, oranges, etc which are rich in vitamin C is a healthy diet plan for Covid-19 patients. These fruits help in strengthening immunity and also protect the body from the effects of coronavirus.

5. Zinc Rich Food

Like vitamins, minerals such as zinc are equally important for boosting the health of COVID-19 patients. Zinc-rich food like chickpeas, cashews, etc is a part of every diet chart for corona patients. You can also take zinc supplements as zinc can do a lot in fighting against the infections of the virus.


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6. Oats

A wholegrain meal loaded with a lot of fibers is extremely beneficial and is an immunity-boosting food for covid too. Foods like oats which contain a lot of fibers supply all the essential nutrients to your body and keep you healthy. Thus, you can choose whole grain foods instead of refined grain foods for COVID-19 patients.

7. Kadha

The natural drink, Homemade Kadha, is one of those drinks that is a must for one and all. Kadha which is made with spices like ginger, turmeric, clove, and more is a very healthy drink. It is not only a part of the diet plan for Covid-19 but is also consumed by all at least twice a day. So, even if you have mild symptoms of coronavirus then drink kadha and boost your immunity.


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8. Legumes

Legumes are full of proteins and are thus healthy for the covid patients too. In addition to legumes, other protein-rich foods like dairy products, lentils, nuts, etc should be eaten in a good quantity. You can also use protein supplements but eating these foods will be more beneficial. So, fill your diet with a lot of proteins and stay away from the harmful effects of coronavirus.


What Not To Do During Coronavirus?

Like foods that are necessary for covid patients, there are certain things too that you should avoid if you are infected with the virus. So, here are some things that you should stay away from during the hard times of being contaminated with the virus.

  • Alcohol is a strict no for covid patients. Drinking alcohol can adversely affect the recovery process of corona patients. So, stay away from drinking alcohol.
  • Wondering whether to eat rice in fever? Then, consult your doctor or the best option is to make khichdi for overcoming the symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Never opt for packaged food and only include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet chart for corona patients.
  • As WHO recommends limiting the intake of fats, you can choose other options. These options include eating steamed and boiled food instead of fried foods.
  • WHO also recommends limiting the intake of salt and sugar. So, monitor the intake of salt and sugar and eat them wisely.


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Besides, taking steam with mint leaves and following other natural ways can help a lot in acting as immunity-boosting foods for COVID-19 patients. So, keep in touch with your doctor and follow a healthy diet to recover soon from the coronavirus infection.


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