6 Magnificent Mousses

  • Chocolate And Coffee Mousse

    9 ingredients
    10 mins
  • Strawberry Mousse

    With just four ingredients, this is a perfect way to celebrate your romance in t...
    5 ingredients
    10 mins
  • Saffron Mousse

    A creamy and chilled dessert flavoured with saffron and made with love.
    8 ingredients
    1 mins
  • Thandai Mousse topped with rasgulla.

    it is very easy to make and light dessert . it is indian flavour mousse .
    8 ingredients
    15 mins
  • Rose mousse topped with jelly

    Rose mousse is a very delicious dessert recipe for any function or party .
    6 ingredients
    20 mins
  • Eggless Chocolate Mousse

    Chocolates Mousse is a love story between Cream and Chocolate. This recipe will ...
    3 ingredients
    20 mins