Top 10 Chocolate Cakes Recipes

Chocolate cakes are yummy and delicious and they are loved by the people of every age group. Chocolate cake is quick, easy and nutritious dish which can be perfectly paired up with the evening tea or coffee. Simple chocolate cake recipes are prepared by using fudge, vanilla cream, other sweeteners and chocolates. Chocolate is the main ingredient of chocolate cake, you can change the other ingredients but a chocolate cake cannot be made without chocolate. Chocolate cake recipe is quite similar to the Strawberry cake recipes, Vanilla cake recipes and pineapple cake recipes. Everyone like to eat Chocolate cakes but when it comes to baking, not everyone bake a cake because it is an arduous and time taking process. But by the help of Better Butter recipes one can easily prepare it by their own. In the ancient time cake is prepared as a modification of breads but now you need a wide range of preparation to make the perfect cakes. You can prepare Chocolate cake recipes at any weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Simple chocolate cake is a dish which brings happiness in your life, you can easily make any of your occasion special by the help of a cake. There is a number of chocolate cake recipes. And some of the famous Chocolate cake recipes are Dark chocolate cake with candied kumquats, Healthy chocolate nut cakes, Flour less chocolate cake with pomegranate sauce, Marzipan and white chocolate love cakes, Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, Eggless black forest cake, Chocolate pound cake with chocolate cream and fresh strawberries and Molten lava cake. Chocolate cake recipes are the best option for all the chocolate lovers. Prepare some chocolate cakes at your home in the weekends and surprise your family and friends.