This a common problem most of the health aware people ask Navpreet. Cooking needs to be controlled in order to retain its nutritional value. Here are some easy tips. 1) Blanch leafy vegetables and make paste of about 1/3rd of it ao the nutrition is retained. 2) In case you have made half cooked veggies and sprouts, dont re heat them while eating ar a later stage. Instead add some lime juice to make it a bit tangy, and people love eating them. 3) Always use lime just before eating up your food as lime actually accelrates the process of cooking your food especially fish. 4) maintain a chart and ensure you dont consume over 2000-2500 calories per grown up adult in a day. 5) prick raw veggies with a toothpick at many places and then cut large chunks instead of making small pieces, that way the cooking wont kill the nutritional value of the vegetable. 6) Remeber that you ar just assembling the ingredients together, the fire is doing the cooking. So you have plenty of time to control the fire. Switch to slow cooking in order to get the pan off the stove whenever you want it. 7) use flat bottomed pans to cook food as they ensure even heat all across and you save a lot on fuel and also control the cooking stage of yiur dish. 8) Always remember to switch off the gas stove a couple of monutes before your dish is done. Let the remaining be done by the vapours and heat inside the closed pan. Dont open the lid and let the heat escape. 9) In caee of boilied vegetables, retain the atock and use it in the gravy. That keep the nutrition intact to a great level. 10) make it a habit to have salads and some fruits along with the meal to substitute the loss in nutrition which yiu incur while cooking. Hope this helps. :smiley: Eat healthy, stay healthy.