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  • Vendakkai Pachadi

    Pachadi is a curry based side dish/ accompaniment. Vendakkai pachadi is more of ...
    15 mins
      | 170 saves
  • Beetroot Thoran

    Thoran is a typical Keralite dry vegetable dish made with finely chopped veggies...
    20 mins
      | 86 saves
  • Sharkara Payasam/ Nei Payasam/ Aravanai Payasam

    A delectable sweet dish from Kerala. Why am I so proud of it? When I made it for...
    45 mins
      | 278 saves
  • Chakka Nei Appam / Jackfruit Sweet Paniyaram

    These jackfruit sweet paniyaram are so close to my heart as my mom used to make ...
    30 mins
      | 278 saves
  • Pazham Nirachathu / Stuffed Banana

    Another popular Iftaar dish
    10 mins
      | 114 saves
  • Ada Pradhaman

    Pradhaman which is made with coconut milk and jaggery and also mostly made wit...
    35 mins
      | 163 saves
  • Chakka Pradhaman

    Jack fruit cooked in flavour of jaggery and coconut milk.
    40 mins
      | 113 saves
  • Senai Kizhangu Pachadi | Elephant Yam Raita

    This raita is my grandmother's signature dish. We just love to have it as a dipp...
    10 mins
      | 120 saves
  • Kappa Upperi or Thalichathu

    Kappa, kolli, maricheeni everything is called for one thing Tapioca. With this w...
    15 mins
      | 164 saves
  • Ulli Poo Thoran

    This is a dish prepared with spring onion cooked with coconut scrapings. One amo...
    20 mins
      | 255 saves
  • Aviyal

    Aviyal is another signature dish of Keralites. This is a simple easy to make hea...
    20 mins
      | 466 saves
  • Olan / Pumpkins with Cream of Coconut

    Any feast in Kerala is incomplete without this side dish. Olan is a mandatory di...
    15 mins
      | 115 saves
  • Moru Curry (Simple Buttermilk Curry)

    My idea of nice cozy lunch has to be with some rice with this Moru curry, beans ...
    10 mins
      | 349 saves
  • Sambhar

    Sambar is basically a lentil based vegetable stew which is popularly made in all...
    45 mins
      | 1356 saves
  • Cabbage Thoran (fry)

    This is a typical vegetarian dish from Kerala and can be made with a variety of...
    15 mins
      | 327 saves
  • Rasam

    A popular South Indian soup which is prepared with vegetables, a tangy taste fro...
    40 mins
      | 1635 saves
  • Inji Puli ( Ginger & Tamarind Chutney)

    A traditional dip which is an absolute must have in a Kerala sadya
    40 mins
      | 396 saves
  • Sweet Banana Chips

    The famous South Indian snack made with fried bananas and sugar.
    15 mins
      | 353 saves
  • Pearl Onion Sambhar

    The famous South Indian Sambar cooked with shallots/ pearl onions. Soft and deli...
    25 mins
      | 635 saves
  • Moru Curry (Kaalan)

    This is a Keralite dish made of yogurt, coconut and one vegetable like papaya, c...
    20 mins
      | 409 saves
  • Salted Banana Chips

    A favourite snack in most states of South India. These easy to make chips are ma...
    25 mins
      | 739 saves
  • Banana Chips

    A popular snack made of raw bananas in Kerela. These chips are my nephew's favou...
    45 mins
      | 547 saves
  • The Quintessential Kerala Vegetable Stew

    An everyday dish in a Kerala home, it transports you back to God's Own Country
    45 mins
      | 242 saves
  • Rasam

    It is a sour, spicy and hearty South Indian soup, bursting with the flavors of a...
    40 mins
      | 1087 saves
  • Pulissery - curd based curry with spinach

    This is a curd based curry. A typical dish served as an accompaniment with rice....
    20 mins
      | 530 saves
  • Kerala Stew

    It is a lightly spiced and aromatic stew with mixed vegetables and coconut milk....
    40 mins
      | 1545 saves
  • Coconut Chutney

    A refreshing chutney made from coconut. Serve with many traditional Kerala dishe...
    0 mins
      | 5070 saves
  • Kothamara Thoran

    A typical Kerela dish made from beans, rice, coconut and spices.
    20 mins
      | 524 saves