Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle | How to make Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle

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ByJaya Rajesh
Created on 9th Mar 2017
  • Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle, How to make Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle
Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickleby Jaya Rajesh
  • Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle | How to make Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle (50 likes)

  • 6 reviews
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  • By Jaya Rajesh
    Created on 9th Mar 2017

About Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle

This pickle is easy to make. It goes well with parantha, biryani and toast. It does not have any oil yet it stays well for more than a year.

Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle is a mouthwatering dish which is perfect to serve at any occasion. It is a recipe of Maharashtra cuisine which is very famous in the whole worldwide. This is very amazing in taste and it contains a lot of health benefiting nutrients. It is a quick and easy recipe and you can easily prepare restaurant style Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle at your home. Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle by Jaya Rajesh will help you to prepare the perfect Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle at your home. You don't need any extra effort or time to prepare this. It just needs 1440 minute for the preparation and 30 minute for cooking. Whether it is a grand party or a normal kitty party, it is a perfect dish to serve and to get the compliments from your guests. This recipe follows the perfect art of cooking that gives an amazing texture to this and differentiate it from other dishes. In the Better Butter recipes, you will find the step by step process of this recipe by which you can know how to make the delicious Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle.

  • Prep Time24Hours
  • Cook Time30mins
  • Serves10People
Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle

Ingredients to make Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle

  • 25 ripe lemons
  • 2 tbsp achar masala(you can use store bought i make my own refer notes if you want my way.)
  • 500 gm sugar
  • 100 gms jaggery
  • 100 gms kashmiri chili powder
  • 100 gms Salt
  • 1 tbsp fennel seed

How to make Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle

  1. The preparation of this pickle is started a day ahead. Choose good quality lemons wash and wipe dry with muslin cloth.
  2. Cut each lemon into 8 equal parts and remove each and every seed from them.
  3. Place the chopped lemon in a food grade plastic vessel and cling wrap it and place in fridge for overnight.
  4. Next day take it out pulse it in a grinder in 3 batches and remove in a heavy bottomed steel vessel.
  5. Add in salt, chili powder, achar masala and sugar.
  6. Mix well and cook it on low flame till sugar dissolves and the mixture starts to boil.
  7. Next add in jaggery and fennel seeds and again boil till the mixture looks little thick. Switch off the gas. Don’t over cook or else the pickle will be hard.
  8. Now store this in a clean sterilized bottle once it is completely cooled.
My Tip: For achar masala, take 1/2 tbsp mustard seeds 1/2 tbsp carrom seeds 1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp nigella seeds 1 tbsp fennel seeds 1 tbsp chili powder 1/2 tbsp coriander powder 1 tbsp dry mango powder. Dry roast mustard,fenugreek,nigella,carom and fennel seeds separately and grind into a fine powder. Mix in coriander and chili powder. This measurement yields 50 gm masala so you can use it as and when required

Reviews for Hot and Sweet Lemon Pickle (6)

pallavi Nayyar5 days ago
Very nice Jaya ji. I made first time it with lemon. I always made it with raw mango.

Deepa Garg5 months ago
Wow yummy

shanti chawla5 months ago
amazing creation

Ankit Kumar Gupta5 months ago
Such detailed work. Great work Jaya ji

Jyoti Bhalla Ahuja5 months ago

Gunjan Srivastava5 months ago
thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. Please add notes for Achar masala as mentioned.

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