Bread Pudding | How to make Bread Pudding

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BySharon Dcosta
Created on 22nd Oct 2015
  • Bread Pudding, How to make Bread Pudding
Bread Puddingby Sharon Dcosta
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  • 21 reviews
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  • By Sharon Dcosta
    Created on 22nd Oct 2015

About Bread Pudding

One of my favourite desserts since childhood. This dish was usually made by my mom by steaming for about 50 minutes. This is an easy and a yummy recipe which has been adapted to save fuel and time by pressure cooking.

Bread Pudding, a marvellous creation to spice up your day. Bread Pudding is one dish that no matter how much the stomach might be full, you just can't stop yourself from having a bite. The relishing flavours, the appealing texture and the amazing aroma absolutely is just mouth-watering. The aroma which arises while cookingBread Pudding is just too tempting. This amazing recipe is provided by Sharon Dcosta. Be it kids or adults, no one can get away from this delicious dish. How to make Bread Pudding is a question which arises in people's mind quite often. So, the answer to this question is the simple yet exotic recipe by of Bread Puddingby Sharon Dcosta. This recipe can even be tried by beginners. A few secret ingredients in this recipe just makes it the way it is served in restaurants. Bread Pudding is just the appropriate recipe to serve as many as 6. The cooking time for this delicacy is not much. So, the next time you have a get together or a night party at home, don't forget to check and try out this recipe. It's that one delicacy that everyone's definitely going to love it!

  • Prep Time40mins
  • Cook Time30mins
  • Serves6People
Bread Pudding

Ingredients to make Bread Pudding

  • 6 loaves of bread (ladi pav)
  • 1 egg
  • 6 tablespoons - sugar
  • 3 cups - milk
  • 4-5 drops - vanilla essence

How to make Bread Pudding

  1. In an aluminium baking tin of 5 inch diameter, take 1 tbs sugar and heat on the stove till the sugar melts.
  2. Keep heating till the sugar gets caramelized (it will become brown in colour) Spread it all over the bottom of the tin. Let it cool.
  3. Remove the top crust of the bread and tear it in small bits.
  4. In a bowl mix together the milk, egg, remaining sugar, vanilla essence. Soak the bread pieces in this mix for half an hour.
  5. Mash well with a spoon so that there are no lumps and pour the mix in the prepared tin.
  6. In a pressure cooker fill about 1 inch water and put the baking tin in it. Cover the tin with a lid and put a heavy weight on top. (a heavy stone works fine)
  7. Cook till 3 whistles, after that lower the flame and pressure cook for 8-10 minutes.
  8. Demould and serve chilled.
My Tip: Stale bread will also do; To demould, insert a knife between the pudding and the tin. Rotate the knife all round the pudding. Cover with a plate and turn upside down.

Reviews for Bread Pudding (21)

Deepti Basand rai7 days ago
Can we make it without egg.

placi Rodrigues5 months ago
Is it 6 loaves of bread or 6 slices of bread

alqua tahseen7 months ago
Can we make this in an oven ? And one more thing, After making Caramel My Caramel always gt very much hard why so ??

Romy Roy8 months ago
Can I make this in micro wave

Jharna Thethia year ago
any option for egg as we don't eat egg

Poonam Mandania year ago

Jayshree Jadhav Morea year ago

Karishma Minsariyaa year ago
cn it b cooked in oven

Naseem Morbiwalaa year ago

Mila Guptaa year ago
we don't eat egg sooo wt can b use in place egg

Bella Dcostaa year ago

Hema Itagia year ago
Can egg be substituted in this recipe?

Tikuli Dograa year ago
I love this. Two of my favorite things Creme caramel and bread pudding in one dish. Stunning. I make them separately but now will try this. Thanks.

Shalini Dubeya year ago

selvi Suresha year ago

Vijaya Krishnamurthya year ago
instead of egg we can use baking soda

Kusum Chhawchhariaa year ago
sorry no egg

Tahseen Fathimaa year ago

Jesvine Devaa year ago
What is ladi pav? could u tell me the english word for it...

Pinku Biswasa year ago

Kawaljit Kaura year ago

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