Tangy Mango Drink | How to make Tangy Mango Drink

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By Sukalyani Banik
Created on 23rd Mar 2016
  • Tangy Mango Drink, How to make Tangy Mango Drink
Tangy Mango Drinkby Sukalyani Banik
  • Tangy Mango Drink | How to make Tangy Mango Drink (7 likes)

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  • By Sukalyani Banik
    Created on 23rd Mar 2016

About Tangy Mango Drink

It's a slightly different recipe of traditional aam panna or raw mango drink which is very refreshing.

Tangy Mango Drink is an authentic dish which is perfect to serve on all occasions. The Tangy Mango Drink is delicious and has an amazing aroma. Tangy Mango Drink by Sukalyani Banik will help you to prepare the perfect Tangy Mango Drink in your kitchen at home. Tangy Mango Drink needs 10 minutes for the preparation and 5 minutes for cooking. In the BetterButter app, you will find the step by step process of cooking Tangy Mango Drink. This makes it easy to learn how to make the delicious Tangy Mango Drink. In case you have any questions on how to make the Tangy Mango Drink you can comment on the page below. The "What's cooking" feature on the BetterButter app can help you connect with our home chefs like Sukalyani Banik. Tangy Mango Drink will surely satisfy the taste buds of your guests and you will get compliments from your guests.

  • Prep Time10mins
  • Cook Time5mins
  • Serves5People
Tangy Mango Drink

Ingredients to make Tangy Mango Drink

  • 4 tablespoons castor sugar(heaped)
  • 2 Raw Mangoes
  • Cumin seeds roasted and powdered.
  • Chaat masala powder
  • Soda water 30ml
  • Crushed Ice 4tbsp
  • Mint leaves 5to6

How to make Tangy Mango Drink

  1. Boil the raw mangoes without peeling the skin and let it cool completely, then take out he pulp and strain it.Add the sugar and pulp and the mint leaves and blend well.Then strain it.
  2. Add a few ice cubes in the glass and add 60ml pulp to it.
  3. Then pour the soda water and after that add the dry ingredients.Then give it a stir and serve.
My Tip: Avoid peeling the mangoes because it changes the taste.

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