Soft Food Recipes For The Elderly

Food adds color to our daily lives and routines. Browse Soft food recipes for the elderly, to find an array of interesting food recipes. Learn to cook something new with Soft food recipes for the elderly. The recipes included in Soft food recipes for the elderly are very yummy and healthy dishes. By the help of Soft food recipes for the elderly you can make amazing restaurant style dishes at home. There are 32 recipes in Soft food recipes for the elderly and are all explained very well. A beginner can also explore his/her cooking skills with Soft food recipes for the elderly. Soft food recipes for the elderly consist of the recipes which are deliciously amazing. The best recipes of this are Savoury Semiya (Seviyan) Uppuma, Bottlegourd Halwa (Ghiya ka Halwa), Godumai/ Dalia Bisibelebath, Snake Gourd Moru Kootan, Soft Dinner Rolls, Soft Rice Idlis (Karnataka Cuisine), Soft and Spongy Gulab Jamun using milk mawa powder, Soft Buttery Pretzels, Soft tasty paratha. So, the next time you decide to cook something innovative don't miss out Soft food recipes for the elderly. Recipes in Soft food recipes for the elderly will surely satisfy the taste buds of your guests and you will get compliments from them.
  • Sabudana Khichdi

    A healthy and light dish, perfect for fasts!
    20 mins
      | 233 saves
  • Vegetable semiya upma

    The ultimate breakfast to kickstart your day
    20 mins
      | 199 saves
  • Simple rava dhokla

    Its a simple recipe loved by kids as well as adults too.
    15 mins
      | 405 saves
  • Soft tasty paratha

    A good take with paratha
    15 mins
      | 774 saves
  • Soft Buttery Pretzels

    It is said that a monk made the first pretzel. He folded the dough into the figu...
    10 mins
      | 138 saves
  • Soft and Spongy Gulab Jamun using milk mawa powder

    Eggless dessert. Gulab Jamun is a traditional Indian dessert prepared in festive...
    30 mins
      | 178 saves
  • Soft Rice Idlis (Karnataka Cuisine)

    Idli is a traditional breakfast in South India. They are made by steaming a batt...
    11 mins
      | 303 saves
  • Soft Dinner Rolls

    Super soft dinner rolls best enjoyed with hot soup in winters. Great for kid's t...
    25 mins
      | 325 saves
  • Soft Petha Delight

    Soft Petha Delight are basically made with petha (Indian Sweet-Candied Pumpkin) ...
    10 mins
      | 130 saves
  • Onion Tomato Appe

    A very tasty and easy recipe that kids will love to take in their lunch boxe
    15 mins
      | 290 saves
  • Godumai/ Dalia Bisibelebath

    A healthy, spicy delicious one pot meal. Pair it with appalam or chips.
    45 mins
      | 248 saves
  • Broken Wheat and Mixed Millet Upma

    Broken wheat and millet are combined together in this upma to make a healthy, nu...
    30 mins
      | 1132 saves
  • Oats Upma

    Oats upma is a very nutritious version taken in your breakfast,as we all know br...
    20 mins
      | 90 saves
  • Snake Gourd Moru Kootan

    It is a Kerela's famous traditional lunch recipe. I love anything made with curd...
    20 mins
      | 323 saves
  • Pyaaz Ka Bharta / Onion Bharta

    Smoked Onion sabji - very delicious and easy ! Make this at home with this easy ...
    0 mins
      | 352 saves
  • Bharva Tinda Masala

    Tinda masala recipe is a simple and easy vegan Indian style recipe that is cooke...
    15 mins
      | 241 saves
  • Vegetable Au Gratin

    A complete meal of baked mixed vegetables in a creamy white sauce
    15 mins
      | 229 saves
  • Healthy Curd Rice

    Healthy way to incorporate Curd n Fruits in ur child's Diet
    30 mins
      | 133 saves
  • Savoury Semiya (Seviyan) Uppuma

    Quick fix breakfast! Uppuma usually suggests a bland dull dish and an 'oh no not...
    20 mins
      | 241 saves
  • Multi grain bread halwa

    A quick Nd easy desert to make
    15 mins
      | 74 saves
  • Sorakaya Pappu/Lauki Toor Daal

    It is cooked in the south as well as in north India it is the main dish which is...
    25 mins
      | 148 saves
  • Bananas And Semolina Sheera (Banana Sooji Halwa)

    Banana semolina sheera or banana sooji halwa is made from semolina, sugar and ba...
    25 mins
      | 214 saves
  • Doodhpak/ Milk and Rice Pudding

    Doodhpak is a tasty and creamy dessert prepared by Konkani community during fest...
    50 mins
      | 150 saves
  • Bateta poha

    This is one of the famous Gujrati breakfasts, delicious potato poha.
    5 mins
      | 65 saves
  • Leftover idli Upma.

    Leftover idli are a headache not knowing what to do,we end up reheating the same...
    10 mins
      | 95 saves
  • Milk Sooji Fudge

    Its a rich creamy, aromatic fudge made of milk and its products. Its very simple...
    25 mins
      | 200 saves
  • Moong Dal Khichdi

    Khichdi is good for kids. Its healthy, nutritous one pot meal which is very easy...
    12 mins
      | 86 saves
  • Bottlegourd Halwa (Ghiya ka Halwa)

    Bottlegourd is among few of those veggies that is used to prepare sweets and des...
    30 mins
      | 242 saves
  • Veggie Dalia

    Yummy and healthy vegetable dalia.
    10 mins
      | 459 saves
  • Curd Rava Upma

    Curd upma is a delicious recipe made with roasted sooji and curd. It is a common...
    15 mins
      | 150 saves
  • Vermicelli Upma

    Easy to prepare and delicious to eat, vermicelli upma is an all time favorite at...
    15 mins
      | 181 saves
  • Healthy And Instant Spinach Rava Idlis

    Healthy And Instant Spinach Rava Idlis is a delcious breakfast, served with some...
    11 mins
      | 174 saves