Super Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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  • Healthy Oats and banana breakfast cakes

    An interesting way to cook cakes in a sandwich toaster!
    15 mins
      | 3150 saves
  • Healthy French Toasts ( Superquick breakfast)

    Very easy and tasty as well as healthy recipe to make in a jiffy.
    10 mins
      | 144 saves
  • Super Energy Bites

    Small fruit and nut filled treats that have no sugar added
    5 mins
      | 6 saves
  • Breakfast Trifle

    It is yummy
    0 mins
      | 30 saves
  • Breakfast muffins

    Tiny bundles of goodness with egg, spinach, onions, tomatoes and cheese on a bro...
    35 mins
      | 236 saves
  • Super Cheesy Bread Pizza

    My daughter love this recipe the most , so I am sharing this recipe with you all...
    15 mins
      | 66 saves
  • Breakfast Cupcake

    Have this banana walnut cupcake with coffee, buttercream and dark chocolate glaz...
    50 mins
      | 19 saves
  • Mango Mousse

    Easy, tasty and summer special dessert that can be made within a blink of eye.
    0 mins
      | 9 saves
  • Dal Pakwan

    This is a very famous sindhi dish. Fried pooris with delicious dal with them.
    40 mins
      | 42 saves
  • Healthy Breakfast in a Glass

    Its very healthy, quick and power packed option. Within a few minutes high fiber...
    0 mins
      | 27 saves
  • Homemade Super Spongy Rasgullas

    Melt in mouth spongy rasgullas made at home are a heavenly treat. This dessert i...
    20 mins
      | 30 saves
  • Super Healthy Savoury Ragi Cake

    Ragi flour has been used to increase the health quotient
    20 mins
      | 25 saves
  • Super Cracker

    I have added around 10 healthy ingredients in crackers.Goodness of super foods a...
    10 mins
      | 43 saves
  • Super Crispy Chilli Gobi

    A crunchy Gobi in a spicy Indian flavour. You can eat it as a starter or with so...
    45 mins
      | 66 saves
  • Oats puttu | Healthy breakfast

    Healthy steamed cake with oats flour & grated coconut
    15 mins
      | 549 saves
  • Healthy Breakfast with Kumal Saul or Soft Rice

    This yummy traditional breakfast of Assam is called “Kumal Saul ar Jolpaan” mean...
    2 mins
      | 125 saves
  • Breakfast Oatmeal

    A very simple and filling breakfast dish that is nutritious and healthy too.
    15 mins
      | 648 saves
  • Breakfast Rolls

    A fun way to transform boring dishes to interesting favourites!!!
    45 mins
      | 150 saves
  • Super Spicy Maggi

    I had some mo mo chutney left over so I decided to use it to make this dish.
    10 mins
      | 743 saves
  • Breakfast Parfait

    A delightful and easy to prepare breakfast dish that is healthy and light.
    2 mins
      | 674 saves
  • Breakfast Parfait

    Suitable for breakfast in which essential vitamins and nutrients are added to th...
    0 mins
      | 93 saves
  • Breakfast Lasagna

    Enjoy these individual servings of breakfast lasagna loaded with eggs, hashbrown...
    90 mins
      | 124 saves
  • Super Easy Baked Sutarfeni

    Low fat yet super scrumptious Sutarfeni inspired by readymade kataifi dough
    10 mins
      | 30 saves
  • Two-minute healthy breakfast

    Multi-grain savory pancakes that you can whip up in a jiffy...!
    2 mins
      | 199 saves
  • Super Easy Shakshuka

    Though shakshuka is originally a North African dish, it is popular everywhere th...
    15 mins
      | 5 saves