6 best things to bake for the novice baker

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By Deviyani Srivastava

Baking can be intimidating for first-time bakers, that’s a fact. But worry not, we are here to help. We are listing out some ridiculously easy baking recipes for all you newbies. So grab your oven mittens and that whisk and get started.

1. Filter Coffee Choco Mug Cake

A soft, spongy, not-too-sweet cake that takes only a two-minute spin in the microwave. Genius. It’s the perfect recipe for little bakers.
Get the recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/19778/filter-coffee-choco-mug-cake

2. Tutti frutti Cookies | Harlequin Cookies

Get your colourful Tutti Fruity fix by making these adorable Harlequin Cookies. Make it once and they are going to be your new go-to. This recipe is so easy and a delight to the eyes.

Get the recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/10888/tutti-frutti-cookies-harlequin-cookies

3. Eggless Vanilla Muffins

You will love making and mixing the simple batter for these tasty muffins. Not to mention that no eggs are required here.
Get the recipe: http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/2491/eggless-muffins

4. Perfect Banana Bread

We love sure shot recipes and this one tops our charts. Make sure your bananas are over ripe or simply bake them on low heat for a few minutes before making this delightful recipe.
5. Microwave Chocolate Brownies

​An absolutely easy, quick and a delicious microwave dessert recipe. These brownies can be prepared in under 5 minutes and are soft, spongy and super tasty.
6. Nutella Cake

​Aren’t we all a big fan of Nutella. The chocolaty-hazelnuty flavor is simply magic. It just hits the right spot.
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