BetterButter Recipes | 8 Types of Breads That We Absolutely Love

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By Team BetterButter

Sometimes the heart craves for all things carbs. You know that warm, crusty piece of bread that you can dunk into a pool of olive oil or slather with some butter. Or maybe that slice of pizza with that thin crust that you’re willing to drive across town for. Whatever insatiable cravings you have for all things bread, it’s always good to know to make some.

We’ve listed out some of our favorite bread recipes from across the world that totally satisfy that carb craving. What’s more they are super simple to make and taste just fantastic

Pita: One of the most popular middle-eastern breads, this is definitely one of our favorites. Made with a mix of whole wheat flour and all purpose and yeast, all you need is a very hot oven to make these bad boys rise.

Focaccia: This delicious oily bread is very similar to a thick pizza dough. Topped with various fruits, vegetables or herbs of your choice, this bread makes for a killer accompaniment to anything that needs dipping.

Pav Buns: Closer home, these pav buns are the answer to all things curry. They are spongy and absolutely delicious. Popular in Maharastra and Goa, there just as easy to make at home as buying them.

Khachapuri: A light flatbread that’s stuffed with cheese, the Khachapuris origin are traced to Georgian England. Served with salad or mains this is an excellent accompaniment.

Swirl Bread:  Ok, we admit it, while our favorite swirl bread is cinnamon and raisin, this savory beet and spinach bread will beat eating a plain toast hollow.

Ciabatta: Craving a crusty bread? Never fear when a ciabatta is near. This  slightly sour, rustic Italian bread has a hearty crust that is left to mop all the leftover juices.

Langos: A Hungarian fried bread which is found on the streets, this is a delicious yeast bread that tastes yummy with some cheese on top.

Telvor: This Sesame Bread is available mostly on the streets of Kashmir. An adaptation of a Turkish bread called Simit which is made using grape molasses the telvor is a very subtle sweet bread coated with sesame, baked in a traditional tandoor and served with noon chai

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