Chinese Veg Spring Rolls | How to make Chinese Veg Spring Rolls

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By Priya Suresh
Created on 19th Dec 2015
  • Chinese Veg Spring Rolls, How to make Chinese Veg Spring Rolls
Chinese Veg Spring Rollsby Priya Suresh
  • Chinese Veg Spring Rolls | How to make Chinese Veg Spring Rolls (328 likes)

  • 18 reviews
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  • By Priya Suresh
    Created on 19th Dec 2015

About Chinese Veg Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are usually served for starter here in every chinese restaurants. They can be made very easily and the filling will also go for an easy breezy preparation. Sauteed veggies rolled in a spring roll sheets,once fried in oil makes these crispy beauties

  • Prep Time20mins
  • Cook Time15mins
  • Serves4People
Chinese Veg Spring Rolls


  • 12 nos Spring roll sheets (storebought)
  • 2 cups Mixed Vegetables (julienned carrot, shredded cabbage, sliced babycorn)
  • 1no Green bellpepper (sliced thinly lengthwise)
  • Soya sauce (per need)
  • White pepper powder
  • 1tbsp Cornflour
  • Salt
  • Oil for frying


  1. Heat pan, add the veggies, soya sauce and saute for few minutes, dont over cook. Keep the veggies crunchy, finally add the salt, pepper powder,stir again and keep aside.
  2. Allow the mixture to cool completely. Bring the spring roll sheets to the room temperature.
  3. Make a thin paste with cornflour and water. At one corner of the sheet,keep enough sauteed veggies,tightly roll it and apply the cornflour paste. to the other corner of the sheet and seal it.
  4. Repeat the same process with the remaining sheet. Heat the oil, fry it until the rolls turns golden brown, drain the oil with paper towel..
  5. Serve hot.

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Sujata Limbua day ago
These look mouth watering Priya!

soni rathorea day ago
these looking so yummy...

bina bedia day ago
Going to try them for my dinner tomorrow which is a Tuesday !

Medha Nadgoudaa day ago
Will surely try it.

Payal jhun jhun walaa day ago
can we make the sheets at home

Tultul Senguptaa day ago
I think I can make the shits at home.

Tahseen Fathimaa day ago
it is tasty and easy to make

Kusum Wadhawana day ago
Please make the sheet at home

Bhawna Khandelwala day ago
Nice :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Pooja Singala day ago
Tell me please about spring roll sheet recipe

Sarita Sirohiaa day ago
Spring rolls recipe chaheye mere ko plz any one sendme

Sonu Kothari12 days ago
Wonderful dish

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