Maharashtrian Lonavala Chikki

Priya Suresh
Priya Suresh|
Last updated on Jan 12th
Lonavala is named from the word 'Lenya' which means caves in Marathi since it has many rock cut caves. Its Shri Maganlal Agarwal who brought chikki to Lonavala more than 125years ago. Actually Shri Maganlal began selling Gurdana, a mixture of jaggery and groundnuts in a huge sack to the laborers, since gurdana is rich in protein and iron, the laborers used to consume it for the instant energy, later this simple gurdana turned to groundnut chikki. Chikki is made from simple ingredients like jaggery,sugar, nuts.
  • Prep Time15Minutes
  • Cooking Time30Minutes
  • Serves4people

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1+1/2cups Mixed nuts (broken coarsely)
  • 1cup sugar
  • 1pinch Baking soda
  • 2tbsp Ghee

Recipe Preparation

  1. Drop and spread a tablespoon of ghee in a heavy bottomed pan, sprinkle the sugar over it (this helps for caramelizing evenly). Meanwhile prepare a wooden board and rolling pin, grease them generously with the remaining ghee.
  2. Place the pan in slow flame, allow the sugar to melt and caramelize. Add the baking soda, once the sugar turns a deep brown colour, remove immediately from the fire.
  3. Drop the broken nuts, give a stir. Transfer immediately to the greased board, press the mixture with rolling pin.
  4. Allow to cool, while its still warm cut as squares. Once cooled completely, break the chikkis as squares.
  5. Store them in air tightened box.
My Tip: Take care while caramelising, dont let the caramel to turn dark brown, its will taste bitter. Be alert once the sugar starts caramelise, coz the caramelisation will be very quick. Once you add the nuts, stir briskly and drop the mixture immediately to the greased board, roll it immediately. This chikki mixture will be extremely sticky but once cooled, will be prefect in texture.