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10 Delicious Bengali recipes You Must Try

Team BetterButter | April 7, 2017


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10 Delicious Bengali recipes You Must Try

Bengali’s are famous in India for their love for food. This is the reason that Bengali recipes are famous all over and Bengali food is one of the most cherished cuisines in this country. Bengali’s love fish (maach), Rohu, Pabda and Koi being the well known varieties. For this reason, you will find plenty of Bengali fish recipes in this collection. Bengali’s also love desserts. Bengali Rosogulla is popular all over India.

We have listed down our 10 favorite authentic Bengali recipes. Enjoy!


Koraishutir Kochuri

A traditional recipe, Koraishutir Kochuri is a popular vegetarian breakfast. Other popular Bengali breakfast recipes include Chirer pulao, Dhakai parotha, Bengali poha and Chana chaat.

find How to make Koraishutir Kochuri

Koraishutir Kochuri


Bengali Rosogolla

Bengali Rosogolla is not only well known in Bengal but popular across India. It is an easy Bengali recipe and relished by all.

Find How to make Bengali Rosogolla

Bengali Rosogolla


Bengali fish curry

A staple in every household- the Bengali fish curry takes many forms but has one common characteristic- a rich mustard flavor.

Find How to make best Bengali fish curry

bengali fish curry


Ras Madhuri

Relatively lesser known outside the state, these are rasgulla rolls which are interlaced with sandesh and presented attractively.

Find How to make best Ras Madhuri

ras madhuri


Mug Pakon Pitha

Another popular Bangali recipe ,Mug Pakon Pitha a traditional Bengali delicacy made during the Makar Sankranti.

find how to make Mug Pakon Pitha

mug pakon pitha



Fish Chop/Fish Croquettes

‘Fish Chop’ is a popular street food of Kolkata. An all time favourite snack and loved by everyone.

find How to make best Fish chop

fish chop


Aloo Dum or Bengali Style Dum Aloo

Aloo Dum is nothing but dum aloo in Bengali version which you can enjoy with luchi, paratha, poori or even with normal chapati

find how to make  bengali style Aloo Dum

Bengali style aloo dum


Chicken Roll (Kolkata Street Style)

Chicken roll is one of the popular street-food originated from Kolkata.  Kolkata Style Chicken Roll is one of the most popular Bengali street food which is widely available in all over West Bengal.

find  how to make Chicken roll kolkata street style

chicken roll kolkata style


Cholar Daal or Dal

A favorite party Daal, cooked thick and flavored with spices and garnished with coconut.

find  how to make Cholar Daal

cholar daal


Bengali kasha mangsho (chicken curry)

Bengali kasha mangsho is a  bengali style typical chiken curry, with potatoes and spices, lipsmackingly delicious. Bengali kasha mangsho is main , easy and non veg cooking recipe.

find how to make Bengali kasha mangsho chicken curry

bengali kasha mangsho chicken curry

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