Some Great recipes for Karwa Chauth

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Karwa Chauth is a popular Indian festival celebrated by married Hindu women, it is dedicated to the well being and long life of their husbands. It starts with fasting and ends with a sumptuous and exciting meal.

The ritual begins before sunrise, the married women eat fruits and sweets which is known as ‘Sargi’. After the sargi they fast for the whole day till the moon is out. Then their husbands’ offers water and food to his wife.

Recommended food for Sargi:

1) Milk items- Milk items like curd and paneer are rich in protein and keep our stomach full for a long time. So, try to add them in your meal before the fast.

Rice Kheer Recipe –

kheer recipe

2) Fresh fruits and dry fruits- Fresh and dry fruits contains a lot of healthy nutrients which give us energy to stay hungry the whole day. Never forget to add fruits in the sargi.

3) Light sugared sweets- Sugar keeps our energy high for the whole day. Therefore, add light sugared sweets in the sargi.

Kesar Peda recipe –

peda recipe

Recommended food after moonrise:

1)Liquids- They are the best option to start with. Liquids like water, fruit juice and coconut water helps to hydrate the body.

Rose Lemonade With Home Made Rose Syrup –

rose syrup recipe

2) Protein rich food- Since your energy level is low after staying hungry for the whole day so try to consume some protein rich foods.

Makhanwala Paneer –

paneer recipe

3) Less oily food- After fasting the whole day, oily foods can cause acidity. So, make sure that your meal is less oily.

Black urad dal

black urad daal recipe

here find great collection of  Karwa Chauth recipes

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