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Sawan Vrat Recipes: 10 Fasting Dishes Without Garlic & Onion

Saumya Srivastava | July 23, 2021

Sawan is considered a religious month in the Hindu calendar. During this time, devotees pay visits to temples and worship Lord Shiva. From offering gangajal to Lord Shiva to fasting during this pious month, the devotees perform a lot of religious acts. Some people even perform Rudra Abhishek during the month of Sawan. Mondays are most significant during Sawan and many people fast on Sawan Mondays. The Sawan Monday fast is also called somvari vrat. Not just this, people also make delicious dishes to enjoy the occasion in a more memorable way. These dishes however are made with some special ingredients. While shingade, sabudana and kuttu are some of the star ingredients during this fasting period, you can also use some other ingredients to make delicious dishes. Follow these vrat recipes that are so mouth-watering.

Shravan Fasting Rituals And Rules That You Must Know

People who eat foods that contain no garlic and onions and follow a strict vegetarian diet during sawan month would love these recipes. From sabudana vada to coconut laddu, you can make both savory and sweet dishes during the somvari vrat.

10 Scrumptious Sawan Vrat Recipes That You’ll Love

1. Sabudana Khichdi


According to shravan fasting rules, you can eat light food which is made of sabudana. Sabudana khichdi is a popular dish that you can make with sabudana. Adding a lot of fried peanuts simply takes the taste of sabudana khichdi to another level. This dish is packed with a lot of vital nutrients and thus is a must during the somvari vrat. 

Recipe link: Sabudana khichdi

2. Lassi

Lassi is a delicious beverage that makes for healthy sawan vrat recipes. You can make different flavors of lassi like mango lassi, strawberry lassi, and more. However, all of the lassi flavors are equally delicious. To make these special vrat recipes healthier, do not forget to add a lot of dry fruits to them.

Recipe link: Lassi

3. Makhana Kheer

Are you a sweet food lover? Then, do not miss eating kheer which is another dish in the list of somvar vrat food. Kheer is one such dish in India that completes all the celebrations. So, do not wait longer and satisfy your sweet cravings with a bowl of makhana kheer. You can also make kheer using other ingredients like sabudana, dry fruits and many more. 

Recipe link: Makhana kheer

4. Kuttu Ki Puri

Sawan somvar vrat is a very significant occasion for many Hindus. So, making delicious dishes on this day becomes a must. Like sabudana, kuttu is another essential ingredient to use while you observe a fast. Making kuttu ki puri is so easy that you can make this in a short span of time. The golden fried texture of the kuttu ki puri can tempt you very easily. This healthful dish can be eaten on other days by weight watchers too as kuttu ka atta is low in calories. 

Recipe link: Kuttu ki puri

5. Vrat Ke Aloo

Sawan somvar vrat food recipe generally comprises sendha namak. Unlike adding onions and garlic, all you have to do is deep fry the boiled potatoes for observing this fast. Vrat ke aloo also contains only a handful of spices and hence is healthy for the body too. You can enjoy this mouth-watering dish of potato with curd. And kuttu ki poori is another vrat recipe that goes best with vrat ke aloo.

Recipe link: Vrat ke aloo

6. Chocolate Vrat Cake

Chocolate vrat cake! Yes, you can even make cake during the somvar vrat. We are sure that there’s nothing that can beat the taste of the cake. Isn’t it? So, to make your fasting period tastier, we have brought a chocolate vrat cake recipe for you. The chocolate flavours of this cake become an absolute delight for chocoholics. 

Recipe link: Chocolate vrat cake

7. Dry Fruits Milkshake

What can be better than a healthy dose of dry fruits milkshake? The goodness of milk coupled together with a lot of dry fruits simply satisfies your hunger pangs during the somvari fast. This healthy beverage refuels and boosts your energy to a good extent. So, do not forget to make dry fruits milkshakes during the vrat period.

Recipe link: Dry fruits milkshake

8. Coconut Ladoo

A coconut flavoured ladoo is another sweet dish that you can make during the month of Shravan. Coconut contains a number of health benefits, so eating this delicious ladoo on Shravan’s Monday completes the fast. You can even add jaggery instead of sugar to further increase the health profile of coconut ladoo.

Recipe link: Coconut ladoo

9. Sabudana Vada

Sabudana vada is another food to eat during Shravan. This dish is extremely delicious and mouth-watering. Sabudana vada is so crispy from the outside and soft from the inside that you can never have enough of them. This delectable dish requires you to soak the sabudana in water for several hours. And then deep fry the sabudana fritters. You can enjoy sabudana with curd or even with chutney.

Recipe link: Sabudana vada

10. Vrat Special Farali Patties

Last but not least, farali patties is another dish to make while observing the somvar vrat. These special farali patties are so crunchy that you simply cannot resist them. You can also add some healthy vegetables like cauliflower, peas and more. Just keep in mind to not add onion and garlic to these patties. Relish these patties with green chutney. 

Recipe link: Vrat special farali patties

You can also make other favorite foods of Lord Shiva. So, observe the fast in a healthy manner with these delicious and nutrient-packed recipes.

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