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6 ways to drink more water everyday

Bindiya Sharma | February 28, 2017



6 ways to drink more water everyday

By Bindiya Sharma

With hot Summer days just around the corner, we cannot stress enough on the benefits of staying well hydrated. Unfortunately most of us realize this only when it’s too late, perhaps a dizzy spell or two later -which leaves the body drained out and the mouth dry. The mistake that we make is that we wait till we are thirsty and then drink up, when its a fact that by the time you are thirsty, dehydration has already set in. So don’t wait, just drink up every hour.

The amount of water that your body requires depends a lot on the amount of physical activity you do, so gear up to maintain that fluid balance that is all important for the body.

Here are some cool ways-

1).Watermelon, Cucumbers, berries -Apart from drinking water, certain fruits and veggies also contain tons of water, so make sure you chomp on on these everyday.


2). Coconut water- When added to your daily diet effectively replenishes all the electrolytes and minerals lost by the body, its low calorie too.


3). Iced Teas- A tall glass of these can be very refreshing, make your own, using natural fruits like this one with Oranges, lemons or Watermelon, or have fun and experiment with this Hibiscus rose Ice Tea.


4). Homemade Smoothies– There is no better way to beat the heat and stay hydrated than these fruity delights. We have loads of Summery recipes right here for you


5). Fruit Popsicles– Its your favourite fruit frozen in an Ice lolly! The combinations are endless, try Blackberry rose vegan popsicles, Summer fruit and yogurt or Khatta meetha kiwi


6).Plain water– Jazz up plain water by adding strawberry, mint, cucumber slices, lemon, orange cubes to it and chill. You will want to reach out for your bottle ever so often!