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BetterButter Recipes | 9 Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes

Team BetterButter | March 2, 2016



BetterButter Recipes | 9 Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes

By Team BetterButter

Why did the chicken cross the road in Amritsar? To be made into Tandoori chicken of course. Alright, we agree, that was a pretty bad joke, but we promise this post will get better.

One of the most versatile meats, chicken can pretty much take on any shape and any flavour. The best part? Almost every cuisine embraces this bird and conjures up some delicious recipes. Think of a gorgeous brothy soup, a crisp cutlet or even a delicious curry there’s just so much you can do with chicken. We are listing out our favorite recipes with chicken that just have to be made right now.

Chicken Cutlets: Crisp on the outside and almost silken inside, chicken cutlets are the ultimate comfort snack. Made with minced chicken, they can double up as a patty for a burger or can just be eaten plain with some ketchup.

Chicken Korma: Beautifully spiced curry that’s been sweetened because of caramelized onions, this quintessential chicken korma is a must-have recipe for all meat lovers out there.

Chicken Shawarma: The best walking meal ever, this middle-eastern wrap is one of the most popular dishes across the world. It’s no fuss and easy-to-eat, it’s just as simple to make.

Chicken Stroganoff: Eat it with rice, eat with plain butter noodles or just some mash, this Russian stew makes for a scrumptious warm meal on a cold winter’s night.

Chicken Wings: A snack like no other, chicken wings are messy yet absolutely delicious. This is a dish best shared over a mug of beer.

Chicken Tikka: It’s hard to say no to a beautifully marinated chicken tikka. Whether its cream or tandoori masala or just some ginger and garlic, the smokey flavors from the charcoal is what makes this dish.

Chicken Machurian: The most popular Indo-Chinese recipe, the chicken manchurian is a cross between a meatball and a curry. Tastes best over some fried rice or hakka noodles, this is a must-have recipe.

Roasted Chicken: Crispy skin and juicy meat, served with a dash of gravy and roasted vegetable, there’s literally very little that can go wrong when you wish to serve it as the piece de resistance of your meal.

Chicken Satay: Served on skewers to ensure fuss-free eating, the chicken satay is a delicious snack to serve when you have company over. The peanut dipping sauce just makes it all the more alluring.

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