BetterButter Recipes | 9 Breads You Should Make at Home

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By Team BetterButter

This whole bread scare has us all in a bit of a tizzy. Not only could the additives in supermarket bread could cause cancer, but the fact that companies aren’t writing everything on the food labels like they should is quite scary.

A bummer really, for those who love a crisp toast with a generous slathering of butter. Or not. Because here at BetterButter we’ll give you recipes of the perfect bread that’s carcinogenic free and is crazy delicious. All you have to do is look.

We’ve listed out nine of our favourite bread recipes, that are just fantastic weekend projects and taste way better than store-bought. Read on:


dalia bread 2

Cracked Wheat or Dalia Bread: A mix of flour and dalia, this bread is perfect for those who like a little texture in their breads. Ofcourse the dalia adds loads of fibre to it, so it will pair perfectly with some smooth peanut butter or jam.



Focaccia: A lovely pre-dinner snack with some balsamic and olive oil or an accompaniment to some soup and salad, this bread is a breeze to make. Try this Tomato and Olive version for added taste.


garlic bread sticks

Garlic Breadsticks: Ok, we’ll give this one to Dominoes – they did after make this style of bread uber famous. But this version of garlic bread pretty much gives the same result. Plus you can always stuff it with some cheese to make it extra decadent.


poppy seed bread

Poppy Seed Bread: This version of the yeasted bread uses eggs to make it richer. Pair it with a cup of sweet tea and some butter, you’ll know you’ve just sliced yourself a piece of heaven.



Pita Bread: A staple for those who love Mediterranean food, pita bread is way easier to make at home than it is to try and buy it in the market. This recipe will show you how.



Grissini or bread sticks: Made with pizza dough, these crispy sticks are the ultimate comfort food. Use them as a dipping stick for some olive oil or even marinara sauce for a great snack.



Tutti Fruti Bread: It’ll remind you of your childhood. This speckled sweet bread is just amazing with a dollop of butter. Imagine it coming out of the oven, all warm and delicious and then you’ll know what we’re talking about.



Ciabatta: A slightly sour, rustic Italian bread that has a hearty crust, that’s what the ciabatta is all about. Admittedly, this is an artisanal bread, but these make for the best possible sandwiches ever.


classic white bread

Classic White Bread: Finally, we come to everyone’s favourite bread – the classic white bread – the bread that we all grew up on. This recipe makes for the perfect slice, which then makes the best possible sandwiches.

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