9 Monsoon Recipes That Are Not Pakodas

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By Ayushi Prakash

We’re nearly at the fag end of the monsoons. Or atleast we’d like to believe that! What we know for sure though is that scorching summer is nearly over and the bad weather tide is turning. But there’s so much we’d like to eat whilst the weather is wet.

Ofcourse the pitter patter makes us crave some delicious things. It is one of the most exciting seasons in terms of food. The weather induces a craving for all things spicy, hot and crispy and above all delicious. Whilst the first thing that you’d always come up with is a bajji or a pakoda, we’re giving you options that go way beyond that yummy snack, here’s is a list of recipes that are best relished during the monsoon season:

pyaz ki k

Pyaaz ki Kachori – These crispy kachoris are very popular in the northern parts of India especially, Rajasthan. Filled with spiced caramalised onions and fried to perfection this snack is mandatory on your monsoon munchies platter.


baked masala vada

Baked Masala Vada – How can the figure conscious be left behind! These Baked Masala Vadas come with all their spicy goodness and are baked to keep the calorie meter down. Best had with your evening tea.



Crispy Chicken Popcorn – Crispy and chicken spelled together is a sure shot hit. Delicately spiced pieces of chicken are fried and the result is a hit. Chicken is succulent and the outside is super crispy. Serve it with some spicy dip and you are in for a treat!



Crispy and Crunchy Vegetable Samosa – This stuffed pastry snack plays with your taste buds, the crispy pastry and the perfectly seasoned vegetable filling make for a perfect companion when it is pouring outside. Whip up some spicy mint-coriander chutney, a nice cup of ginger tea and the evening is set.



Masala Chai – Sweet, milky and spiced tea should be the beverage of choice when it rains. It is spiced with a combination of two or more spices like cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, ginger, nutmeg etc, they work in synergy and help our systems combat any inflammation.



Cheesy Beetroot Croquettes – The gooey and cheesy center of this dish will make you drool. These are soft on the inside and crispy outside. Cooked in a paniyaram pan, these little red balls are super healthy as well!



Apple Fritters – A cross between a jalebi and a doughnut, apple fritters are an amazing snack that works wonderfully for brunch and tea. The added flavours of cinnamon and vanilla elevate the dish and complement the rainy weather well.



Hot and Saucy Lollipops – Cooked with a lot of garlic and chilly, this super fiery dish will add spice to your lunch or dinner table. The spicy elements and the juicy chicken lollipops are a delight to have on a cool rainy day.



Baby Corn Satay – Easy to cook and simple, the baby corns are sweet and have a bite to them. Be generous with the spices and add a hint of lemon, this dish will be an instant hit!

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