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15 Independence Day Recipes To Give Wings To Your Culinary Skills

Saumya Srivastava | August 13, 2021

India is all set to gear up for the celebrations of 75th Independence day on 15th August 2021. Independence Day is a day to celebrate for all the Indians as it was on this very day when Indians were finally liberated from the clutches of Foreign rule and dominance. India as we all know is a country of diversity where different cultures and festivals are valued. Even different types of delicacies are prepared all over the country. Despite this diversity, it is the sense of national pride and brotherhood that binds all the Indians together. Independence Day is celebrated all over by hoisting the national flag and singing patriotic songs. However, you can also do something different and make a range of tri-colour and Independence Day recipes for the celebrations.

Independence Day Recipes That You’ll Love

1. Tri-colour Rice

Tri Colour Rice

Tri-colour is the central theme of Independence day. So, why not make some special tri-colour recipes for this Independence Day. Tri-colour rice is one such Independence Day recipe that you can make at your home. This colourful rice recipe is so easy to make that you must make it for Independence Day lunch. The saffron rice along with the other two colour rice makes this dish look very appealing.

Recipe link: Tri-colour rice

2. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

vrat ke aloo

Give a spicy makeover to your meals with Kashmiri dum aloo. This delectable recipe lets you give a flavourful twist to your usual aloo recipes. The addition of Indian spices like pepper, chilli powder, turmeric and more simply increases the taste of the dish. You can make this dish while you are in the patriotic mood of Independence day celebrations. You can best pair Kashmiri dum aloo with rice or naan.

Recipe link: Kashmiri dum aloo

3. Tri-colour Fairy Cupcake

Tri Colour Cupcake

What can be better than making special tri-colour food for the Independence Day celebrations? The tri-colour fairy cupcake is so tasty that you can never have enough of them. Moreover, the different colours of the cupcakes make them even more presentable and tempting. So, wear your apron and follow our tri-colour fairy cupcakes recipe.

Recipe link: Tri-colour fairy cupcake

4. Jalebi


What can be better than a plate full of jalebis? There is nothing that can match the taste of piping hot jalebi during any celebrations. You can make jalebi at the comfort of your home with a handful of ingredients. Thus, ditch the mithai shops jalebi and follow our easy jalebi recipe to enjoy its enriching flavours on Independence day.

Recipe link: Jalebi

5. Tri-colour Bread Pakoda

Tri Colour Bread Pakoda

Is there anyone who doesn’t like the taste of pakoda? We are sure nothing can beat the taste of scrumptious bread pakoda. And the tri-colour twist to break pakoda further increases the taste of bread pakoda. These pakodas are so crispy from the outside and soft from the inside that you cannot say no. You can best enjoy this Independence day food with green chutney or sauce. 

Recipe link: Tri-colour bread pakoda

6. Fried Idli

Fried Idli

India is known for the diversity of foods that Indians make. So, give a South-Indian twist to your Independence Day meals with fried idli. Fried idli lets you use the leftover idli in the best manner. You can also add some vegetables like tomato, onion and other vegetables to make this dish even better. You can enjoy fried idli with sambhar.

Recipe link: Fried idli

7. Tri-colour Sandesh

Tri Colour Sandesh

Another tiranga food recipe includes tri-colour sandesh. Sandesh is a delectable sweet dish from West Bengal. Sandesh is a sweet dish that you can make for any occasion. However, on Independence day, move over the usual sandesh recipe and give a tiranga twist to them. You can even add some dry fruits like raisins, nuts and more to increase the taste of this sweet dish.

Recipe link: Tri-colour sandesh

8. Cheesy Corn Cutlet

Corn Cutlet

Cheesy corn cutlet is one of the best Independence day recipes. You can add a cheesy corn cutlet to your Independence Day snacks menu. The goodness of chess and corn together makes this dish totally irresistible. It is so soft from the inside and crispy from the outside that you will always want to make them. You can enjoy cheesy corn cutlets with tangy chutney or even with sauces. 

Recipe link: Cheesy corn cutlet

9. Tri-colour Puri

Tri Colour Puri

Tri-colour puri is another one on the list of tri-colour dishes. The colourful appeal of this dish attracts a number of foodies. The tri-colour puri is extremely crispy and is a delicious combination of any curries. You can pair the tri-colour puri with aloo ki sabzi or any other main course dishes too. You can make the tri-colour both with whole wheat flour and maida.

Recipe link: Tri-colour puri

10. Aloo Tikki Chaat

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Do you want to try eating something which is crispy and spicy? Then, do not forget to eat aloo tikki chaat which is very delicious. The crunchy aloo patties when added to chole makes the aloo tikki chaat, a very flavourful dish. You can try this delectable dish anytime you want with our easy recipe. So, make your Independence day food idea creative by adding the delicious aloo tikki chaat to it. 

Recipe link: Aloo tikki chaat

11. Tri-colour Cake

Tri Colour Cake

Why not add a sweet tri-colour dish for the Independence day food menu? So, the tri-colour cake is a must to liberate your foodie side on Independence day. The tri-colour cake is so tasty and appealing in its colours that you cannot resist it. You can make a tri-colour cake with different flavours like chocolate, vanilla and more.

Recipe link: Tri-colour cake

12. Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Palak paneer is another delectable Independence day recipe to make. The goodness of both spinach and paneer makes this dish very wholesome and tasty. Palak paneer goes best with tandoori roti. So, do not miss the chance to make delicious palak paneer for the Independence day celebrations.

Recipe link: Palak paneer

13. Tri-colour Roll Sandwich

Tri Colour Roll Sandwich

Tricolour snacks are a must on Independence day eve. So, make a tri-colour roll sandwich that is layered with three different colours. The tri-colour sandwich can be stuffed with different ingredients like paneer, mushroom and many more. You can enjoy this wholesome snack with sauce or spicy chutney.

Recipe link: Tri-colour roll sandwich

14. Veg Pulao

Veg Pulao

Veg pulao is an obvious presence in the list of Independence day recipes. This rice dish is so flavourful and tasty that you can pair it with any curry. You can even add a number of vegetables to increase the health profile of the dish. Further, the flavours of Indian spices like cardamom, pepper and more make veg pulao extremely scrumptious.

Recipe link: Veg pulao

15. Tri-colour Dhokla

Tri Colour Dhokla

Last but not least, tri-colour dhokla is a very appetizing Independence day dish. Tri-colour dhokla looks so colourful that you can easily get tempted just with its appeal. Further, the flavours of curry leaves in the tri-colour dhokla make it a must-try for all the avid foodies. You can follow our recipe to make this Independence day dish.

Recipe link: Tri-colour dhokla

All in all, all of these Independence day recipes are too tasty to resist. 

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